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Demyx's Sitar


I'm working on my Demyx cosplay, from KHII, and I really want to have his sitar. BUT!! The only tutorial I could find for it was ridiculously long. I mean, her final product looked great, but it cost $150+, took 2 months, and wighed 25 pounds. I'd reeeaaally like to be able to make one....not so pricey and, more importantly, much lighter, as I WILL be carrying it around all day. I think it would be fun to make it myself, but I'll commission it from someone if need be. So basically, what I'm asking here is:

a) Does anyone know of any tutorials for the sitar other than the one on's forums/can anyone here tell me how to make one

b) Would anyone make it for me? If you're willing to, then please give me a general cost range, so I know how soon to start saving ^^;

Okay, I had a lot of free time to sit and think this out. It may not be the BEST idea but it's worth a shot.

You will need:
PICTURES of the Sitar, the more the better.
Poster board, or something similar. I try to get long sheets from outlets or specialty stationary stores. (It's best to get a sturdy, less flexable poster board)

Foam sheets. (the type you fid in the craft aisle in packs)
Spray paint or paint that won't flake. (I choose spray paint becuase it's quick)
scissors and all that nice stuff for measuring and cutting and whatnot.

Preferably a place OTHER than your mom's coffee table. lol

OKAY. Here goes. Make sure you have a good image in mind of your Design. And several ref pics handy. It would also help if you have already drawn out an outline for the basic shape of the sitar. Once you have drawn your outline, lay out your poster board/pieces in a fashion that will build the length of the sitar.

Now, using the same 'make a pattern' method, make all your designs that build up the Sitar. Make extra or use your imagination, the more you have the better. You want to make enough designs to form a 3D effect. Then, use your patterns to cut out the designs in the foam paper.

I know it may sound stupid to draw a pattern seperately, instead of right on the materials, but it's force of habit for me. (I work with materials I can't afford to mess up on.) It also gives you a chance to change or add to the pattern, or make sure a certain design will fit without destroying your project.

Now, two to three pieces of this type of material should be sufficient for the Sitar.Make sure your design is ready. Your design should be broken up in three parts as well. Top, middle, and bottom. Draw your outline on each piece of board.

Cut out the designs and so on and so forth.

**If you were able to get your hands on a good long piece of poster board material/stuff whatever it's called, YAY for you! Just cut out the design!** 

Now, they're are probably better ways to do this, but I used this method when I was stuck having to use smaller pieces of cardboard for other projects.

Cut out the base design of the Sitar from the foam pieces and lay them out OVER the sections you wish to join. Sort of like a puzzle. You will have to do this a second time for the back as well. Glue all the pieces to the poster board, one side at a time and make sure it dries on a FLAT surface. Once both sides are covered with foam you will now have the base of the sitar. =) YAY

Okay, at this point you will want paint BOTH sides. I use spray paint and it's a matte color. Make sure you are wearing old clothes, and you covered everything with newspaper/old towels, what have you. Make sure you have a FLAT surface.
Again, one side at a time. Make sure your coats are even and no running paint. (Runs happen when you hold the spray can too close.) Make sure you use sweeping motions, other wise you'll just get a blotch and runny paint. DO THIS OUTSIDE. Spray paint is noxious and dangerous! Don't smoke, hold near open flame blah blah blah. Read the directions if you need too.

You want to do this first, becuase you don't want to have to use a fine haired brush to paint in the cracks later, after you add the other parts. Add the pieces onto the sitar, all the fancy designs and such. You want to do this in a layer type fashion.
For instance, the big designs on the bottom, then you add the medium designs, then the smallest designs. Any other extra small designs are last. (put them wherever, I guess)

Now, you don't Have to do this, but between each layer, spray paint again. You will use the same base color until you are completely done adding all the designs. (Some parts have their own seperate color, so be sure to do those seperately.) Unless you want to go back and paint in all the missed spots.  I find this technique useful in all my projects. Then you can paint the rest of the colors on. Using regular paints.

Once you have all the parts glued, painted and its dry, you can use fishing line for the strings, wire, or whatever you think will work best. The place where the strings would go should be a slightly raised spot at the base of the Sitar, aka the middle of the bottom. Much like a regular guitar. You may or may not want to make a fret board, but if you do, thin strips of silver-ish tape would work.

This is tricky. you want to make little knots at one end of the string and use a needle to thread the line through. I would mark where each 'string' will go, just to keep it neat. Using small pieces of foam. Then glue the foam piece with the strings knotted side down.
I don't have a good picture of the top part of the sitar, concerning the strings, but I would do the same thing.

Viola! Done.

I hope this helps, and I didn't miss anything. O.o 

Be sure to sign your project in an inconspicious place. So it's official. lol


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