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Neko Ears and Tails

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Hi, My name is Kimi.  I still debating on the idea of a table, though now that the friends coming up with me have mentioned a few outings outside of fanime, I am leaning more towards not doing a table. None the less I am open for commisions come mid January, once I have my apt all in order and my craft room too. (Moving soon to a new apt) So if you have question, ask me here. You can also PM  here and or contact me on aim if you want a speedy response.

*PS most of all the tail shots have my hubby modeling them off =^-^=*



They're very cute :3. I suggest maybe start commissioning them if you haven't already and maybe share an artist alley table at cons or something. I'm sure you'll do fine on sales. You can probably try looking up local furry cons o.O; What's your price range on your stuff?

They are quite cute. I'd definitely buy a pair of ears and a tail if I saw them at a con depending on price range. I think you'll do fine if you sold them. I bought a pair while I was at Tales of Anime '07 even though I had a costume, and the ones I bought were no where near as nice as these.

OOOH~! Your tails are BIG, I would pick one up if you had something besides black (which you do make), maybe a pair of ears too if some were available. What do you usually charge?

I like that black tail... I wouldn't mind ordering one from you... Just what are your typical prices?


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