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Aha.. I just thought there should be a little blurb about Chair.. On the website or on the programming booklet or whatnot.. Since it's part of Fanime tradition and well... I know not everyone knew wtf everyone was chanting "CHAIR! CHAIR!" ^^;;

*shrugs* Just an idea.. I know people who DO know what it's about get tired of explaining it..

whats this about a chair now? O_O;;;

Akito Starwind:
ok iv been yelling chair out for about 3 years now at Fanime. but i was realy looking forword to watching the chair AMV that was shown at fanimes closing ceramony in 2002, it was great. and yes i know what chair is all about " remembers Rock"

i missed something.

In the video rooms, are you allowed to grab a chair and stack it on top of another so you can see the screen?
(I got away with it this year once!)


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