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--- Quote from: "Mastersomething" ---In the video rooms, are you allowed to grab a chair and stack it on top of another so you can see the screen?
(I got away with it this year once!)
--- End quote ---

No, that is a huge no-no. That is a safety policy. Unfortunately, we did not have enough staff to watch over the video rooms properly.

*hits mastersomething with a rolled up news paper*


To explain Chair lets take the wayback machine WAY BACK to Fanime 2000. Specifically, the Der Cosplay (back then still known as the Masquerade.)

The setting: Waiting for the Masquerade to start in the Santa Clara Convention Center Theatre (I think thats where it was that year....I didnt go that time.)

The staff is running behind schedule, and so the Masquerade is late in starting. Everyone has been sitting around for about 30-40 miniutes, waiting for the show to start. (yes very late)

At some point, a chair was brought out, placed on stage, and forgotten about.

So, after a while of this chair being on stage, out of boredom some random otaku (God bless him) starts chanting "Chair chair chair chair chair!" like it was about to guzzle a soda or jump out a window into a pool or something. Hearing this, more and more people take up the cry, and begin chanting along, urging the chair in its daring feats, untill the show finally started.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Rotflmao. Yes. I think the whole world deserves to know this *nods*.

Sidenote: Why is it called DER?

so THAT's the thing about chair o____O i've been attending fanime since 2000 and never knew about that. last i remember in 2000, i hung out in the artist row a darn lot with a group of artists... now i know..... o_o


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