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The year before last (?) somebody put a chair on the ministage while people were waiting for ReDeath ReDux. After all, the line was huge and the attendees were all well-versed in Fanime Con history.

Though my favorite has to be the story I was told by a guy named Matt (Loktera: you know who I'm talking about) about an early ReDeath showing. It goes something like this:

ReDeath wasn't brand new, but it also was underestimated by the con staff, so Matt and friends got to the viewing room early. There was some really lame, cutesy/cheesey anime on, and Matt wasn't the least bit interested in it. Yet somehow, the room was already jam-packed with people. So he stood up and shouted out, "Who's here for ReDeath?" to the resounding response of just about everyone in the room.

Also, man, I want that Chair music video so much! I've never been able to find it, even though it's still one of my favorite Fanime Closing Ceremonies AMVs.


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