Holiday Spirit?

Started by BrightHeart76, December 01, 2007, 11:14:55 PM

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Are you in the Spirit?

Jingle my Bells and Call me Rudolph!
3 (18.8%)
The Halls are decked, now leave me alone.
4 (25%)
Holiday?  Is it December already?
2 (12.5%)
Bah Humbug!!
3 (18.8%)
I'm hiding under a blanket until after Valentines.
4 (25%)

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I'm a little more spirited the last few days...but I still have no desire to decorate / shop / wrap gifts.  Is the more seasonal weather helping anyone find their happy holiday place?

To the retail workers...I feel your pain.  I spent 5 cruel years doing retail this time of year.  NEVER AGAIN!  It just sucks the life out of you.  One year I was a floor worker, truck worker, store audit AND I planned the company Christmas party for our local Mervyn's.  I was a miracle I survived that Christmas.  I hope it goes smoothly for you this year.
Sometimes I'm glad I became a teacher.  Other times I wish I had simply become a ninja.


I think I'm going to start Christmas shopping tomorrow. I've no idea where to start, or how many people I'm getting gifts for. =/


the holidays no longer hold the same festive charm they once did. i family usually hosts the X-Mas party at our place every year and we invite a whole bunch of friends and family. catering, gift exchange, the works. but i dunno. im usually cooped up in my room with lack of anything to really do.

and i feel your pain, BrightHeart. i worked Black Friday at Target. now i've never been to a circus (outside of Circus Circus Reno), but i assume that they're pretty much one and the same, minus the cotton candy.

it was kinda cool, though, because the breakroom was stocked with a nacho buffet (whole messload of chips and 4 crock pots overflowing with nacho cheese and chili, as well as a few bowls of jalapenos. good stuff)


I parade through the halls in my Santy-hat and it's peace sign patch.


I lay in bed hyped up on meds and sleep. I plan to keep that way thru to the new years. The cold weather isn't helping much either.


Wanna talk happy FARGING New Year and Merry Bloody Christmas?  My UNCLE evicted my father and I from our home YESTERDAY with no warning because he decided he was angry at my Father and he didn't want us living in the house we were renting from him anymore.  We were locked out and the locks changed with everything, including my cat, inside.  We're being allowed in for a few hours during the day for the next 2 weeks to get out our personal effects.  But we are left alone and homeless in Frigid Freakin' Reno this holiday.  Thank God I've got a great support system that's fallen into place.  The staff at work are amazing, my friend is making sure I have a home, and my sister is helping a lot.  But far this wins as my worst holiday EVER, and I hope it stays that way forever.

Sorry for the drama moment...but I HAD to share.

P.S. Emerge, I had to laugh when I read your post about the Circus.  I'm writing this post from my hotel room at the Circus Circus Reno.  It's all kinds of holiday joy in one.   :P
Sometimes I'm glad I became a teacher.  Other times I wish I had simply become a ninja.


Sorry to hear that, hun. But I am glad you have a support system. best of luck and hopefully things will start looking up...and maybe that mean old Scrooge will get his! A good visit from some ghosts shoul d be in order. What he did was horrible. (And I think it's illegal to do that...My grandparents rent a total of three houses. I should ask about that...)

Anyways, much love and my condolences!

Sunara Ishi

My christmas spirit only extends to making anime related ornaments and baking sugar cookies... XP
And being an evil elf... XD

D: I'm sorry to hear that BrightHeart. Hope things get better.
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this year, i'd love to celebrate Festivus.
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