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Holiday Spirit?

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I work retail.  I have none to begin with, especially after this year's Black Friday.

I always have a little bit around this time.  With all the Holiday music playing throughout your shift and lots of wrapping gifts at work

But other than that it hard since my family really doesn't do much, since most of the rest of the family is scattered all over and also work schedules, it makes it hard for all of us to get together. So there is not much to look forward too.

Holidays spirit?...hmmm...a way to get up in the spirit is to enjoy it with friends...with the right people of course...some friends dont celebrate the same holidays...so yea...but people make it better.

-holiday movies
-baking holiday goods
-maybe holiday decorating

Just right people


--- Quote from: phoenixphire24 on December 02, 2007, 08:07:43 AM ---I'm really excited for Holiday this year (and by Holiday I mean the pastafarian Holiday) because it's the first one I get to spend alone with my fiance! Plus our Holiday tree rocks. I made a FSM tree topper and it's fab.  ;D

--- End quote ---

woohoo! A fellow Pastafarian. :3

I'm actually working on my FSM ornament at the moment... Why and ornament? The rest of my family celebrates Christmas. (Don't know why though... Holidays lasts longer anyway...)

I must admit my ignorance.  What, pray tell, is a Pastafarian?  I've never heard of this before and I'm curious. 


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