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Ever wonder what you'd do during a zombie outbreak?

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I know I have my plan mapped out. XD

Mine would be to gather as many willing people and gain control of the shopping center across the street from my house, establish a base of operations on the roof and possibly a few of the more secure areas in the general shopping center.

Weapons are a must, but not a problem... well not for me at least...

I'd stay the hell away from Colma.

I live in the mountains near a small hick town (sucks if you're an otaku because the hicks harass you nonstop). I'm about 24 miles away from the town, which is about an hour drive. I only have about 5 neighbors spaced about a mile apart. I have enough food for about two months. Plus I have plenty of ramen. :P So I could go all day. I have a automatic .22 rifle and a ton of ammo. So I can use my house as a base far enough away from the city to be safe, but close enough to get supplies in an emergency. The only problem I could see is that people would try escaping up here. 

All I have to say is if you know me you know I'm good to go. ;D


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