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Started by Sunara Ishi, December 29, 2007, 03:38:56 AM

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Sunara Ishi

Is there any other kind of adhesive besides "Spirit Gum" for things such as elven ears?

Additionally, is there any place where I can buy said adhesive (or spirit gum)? Places that are around all year. I don't know of any places besides the seasonal halloween stores.

Thanks in advance.
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Yukari Kaiba

i can't think of any other adhesive other than spirit gum. as for where to find adhesives, check around theater supply stores, they usually carry it. if you live in the SF Bay Area, Stage Craft Theater Supply in Berkeley is a good place to start.
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This site has a lot of information on Prosthetic Adhesives.  The Liquid Latex sounds positive, so long as you're not allergic.

This site seems to have some pretty fair prices for their products, search the web if you're comfortable ordering over the internet.

Hope that helps!
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Liquid latex will rip out any hair it touches, just to warn you. I've faired well with spirit gum on my elf ears, as long as it's tacky enough when I put them on.