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Author Topic: A Midnight Game: Steal The Koopa  (Read 5634 times)

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Re: A Midnight Game: Steal The Koopa
« Reply #20 on: May 12, 2008, 09:21:58 AM »

I still want to do this I hope it goes down.


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Re: A Midnight Game: Steal The Koopa
« Reply #21 on: May 13, 2008, 10:38:05 AM »

Steal the Koopa is a go.  We likely play Sunday night starting after 11pm and end whenever.  I choose Sunday because it's one way to end Fanime on a high and fun note XD 

I want to explain safety first.  Please avoid wrestling, fighting, and rough play.  There is running.  Run safely.  Please avoid playing if you're wearing a delicate cosplay or wearing inappropriate shoes such as sandals.

Here's how to play with help from the ghetto dramatic pic ^__^

  • There are two teams which are Team Ramune and Team Sushi with equal players.  Each player is assigned a number.
  • At the center is the Koopa.  The objective is each team member captures the Koopa to win a point.  I provide a table stand for the Koopa.
  • The game master calls out a number.  For instance, number 2 is called.
  • Sakura from Team Ramune and Hikaru from Team Sushi run to the center to capture the Koopa.  Let's say Sakura grabs the Koopa.
  • If Sakura reaches to her team base before Hikaru tags her out, then Team Ramune scores a point.
  • If Hikaru tags Sakura before she reaches to her team base, then Team Sushi scores a point.  One hand tag is good.
  • If Sakura drops the Koopa, then Team Sushi scores a point.  There are no fumbles.
  • Loser returns the Koopa to the center.
  • The team who scores, say 11 points, depending on the number of players or whatever goal score it is, wins.
  • Maximum 10 players per team.

I look for an open area where we can play safely with minimal problems =)   I'm thinking the open area near Tabletop Gaming thinking back to Fanime'07.

@otakuaapprentice, the game is random ^__^

@felicity, no problem.
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