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My mom braclets

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can some one send me some pics of anime braclets cause my mom is extreamly talented arigato in advanced

well, my sister is also making bracelets as well and were not tlented at all. THe closest bracelet i saw has to be......ya know what to be honest I can't remmeber any bracelets from anime shows....I will research this immediatly!!

kyo's bracelet from fruits basket ring a bell

If you want something nice to bring to the DDR area, maybe some arrows. when i mean arrows, i meant like DDR arrows.
okay remember those t shirts that says V L (downlback) < + kick?
why not make a bracelet from street fighter moves. a good example is ( D ) Down, (D-R) down-right, ( R ) Right, ( + ) may wanna add a boot with the plus sign...since i can't think of another symbol for kick O_O! or punch or soemthing....

thats a start O_O!....
if you have basic arrow like images, maybea ddr bracelet XD???

another would be nice *but kinda hard* is making a shikon jewel bracelet... ( heres a shape like example)

but use pink like crystal like shards....

Another nice one you can make (but its going to sound bad at the same time TT).. is a mini bead like knecklace inuyasha wears. Just in bracelet form..

IF POSSIBLE, you get those letter cubes..USE this  [ ? ]   try and get those plus a coin like item (maybe a lego coin XD if you have any) , another [ ? ] and a coin....
I was planning to make those but I ran out of 10's lego treasure coins..but what it does as a purpose is.....well..if you play mario its a 10 coin mario block XD...

THE ONE THING that maye be hard would be those tiny sea shells
IF YOU CAN PAINT those and change them to this!!! then peple might wanna bow down and say WOW T_T!!!!!

It depends on what your mom thinking what else SHE may have
so far i know she might have letter blocks...seashells, if posible flat beads works fine but make sure they are small oval for making a 10 coin trick!,, basic black beads, or red O_O!.., if she has tiny can maybe correspond with the animals of Harvest moon O_O!....

just a small head up i kinda like the ten coin trick so i should notify my sister since she is also making one.... XD... but the turtle shell one is very interesting o_O!....

Just out of curiosity what type of beads does she has.
ours is just..something be honest we have swarvski types (not much though and I doubt we can use them) Basic beads *they look like they are from some 99 cent store  O_O! *, and alot of glass beads with weird shapes (animals basiaclly)...and right now im trying to think of how to make a katamari bracelet O_O!...

WOW that was helpful we have a bead store right next to our house i dont kno the name but it has everything and i can paint


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