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Author Topic: Design by Committee: Help design the staff site.  (Read 1449 times)

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Design by Committee: Help design the staff site.
« on: January 22, 2008, 04:34:40 PM »

Hey all,

I'm inspired to try something different, so I'll take a swing here.

I'm trying to create a staff information site for staffers to get information.

There are some basic requirements on access:
* There are at least two roles.
* One role is the normal staffer: they have the ability to read nearly everything on the staff site.
* One role is the senior staffer: they have the ability to write new content, either for all staff or just senior staff.
* People who aren't staff should have no access to the staff site.

Other requirements on content:
* There should not be a bottleneck or a single gating point:  if the tech-lead wants to write a paragraph, they should be able to do it directly without having to rely on some administrators busy schedule.
* There should not be a risk to bury content.  if GR posts 10 updates on guest status, this should not bump a critical article on con-ops.

And two last administrative requirements:
* It should be easy to install (less than 8 hours)
* It should require little to no day-to-day maintenance.

As a stake in the ground, I'm thinking of MediaWiki with some tight permissions.  I can set up one Wiki page per department, control editing a bit, and that should be that.

Are there better options?  What say you?
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