Cost for daily passes?

Started by Moonblossom, February 10, 2008, 05:16:26 PM

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Last year I got a dealer's badge as part of a booth staff and didn't have to go through any of the reg stuff on my own, so could someone tell me how much the daily passes were last year? I realize prices may change  for this year, but it'll give me an idea of how economical it would be to pre-reg with a full weekend pass versus buy a day or two's entry.


From what I remember, it's usually cheaper to buy a weekend pass by about $10 or $5 than to buy two separate days. Day pass prices don't get announced until closer to con. ^^; But maybe someone could give you the actual price.
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I'm not sure on this, but I think day passes for Sat and Sun were $25 or $30. So if you're going both Sat and Sun, you might as well pre-reg. Plus you'll get to use the pre-reg line, which is faster.


Awesome, thanks. :D I'll definitely be doing the pre-reg then.