More randomness! Whee! Favourite manga?

Started by Tendai, July 02, 2003, 01:04:31 PM

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I'm bored and I like seeing what people answer to this sort of thing.  And I figure this is free recommendations XD So list your favourite manga!  Whee!~ As for meee...

The WK manga from An Assassin and White Shaman I and II hold a special place for me just because I love the series so much ^^ And good art in the books they come in as well.

Petshop of Horrors by Matsuri Akina.  Dark, disturbing and really beautiful art as well as stories.  Though I may never want to be around a rabbit again...^^;;;

Kaine by Kaori Yuki is also good.  Pretty dark as well, and it deals with music and angst ~.^ Two of my favourite things, baby.

Midare Somenishi by Kazuma Kodaka.  Yaoi.  NC-17 at times.  But for some reason I can't put it down.  Bandits, angst, beautiful men.  Woot!

Love Mode by Yuki Shimizu.  Also yaoi, but of the fluffier sort for the most part.  Wouldn't let a six year old read it XD but it's got more cuteness in it than Midare Somenishi does.  A case of mistaken identities leads to angst, laughter and boy-lovin'.  *hums* These are a few of my faaavourite things.  And that's just in the first book!

Wish by CLAMP.  Aigh, it's so cute.  I picked up volume three just randomly a couple months and got hooked on it.  I want to see a trio cosplay Koryu and his kitty-demon chicks XD

How about youuuu?


I have to admit, I own a total of two issues of manga -.-;; but I enjoy reading anything by CLAMP, so.... anything by CLAMP.
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Hey, most of mine is on my computer from a translation site because it's not in English, except for three of the ones up there ^^ So you're alright XD


hmm...i havent read that many mangas.  in fact, ive only finished 2.  so, my fav would have to be love hina.  :D


In no particular order:

Love Hina by Akamatsu Ken: fun, interesting, cute girls, and a very clean and attractive art style.  Oh, and the man is the god of layout as far as I'm concerned.

One Piece by Eniichirou Oda: a simple, but grand and moving tale.  It stirs up such basic emotions such as anger, excitement, and joy, but on a scale most other manga can't even touch.  And the characters are all so cool.  Hands down my favorite traditionally shounen series.

Great Teacher Onizuka by Fujisawa Tohru: Onizuka Eikichi is probably the most inspirational character I've had the pleasure of knowing.  Not only that, he's funny as hell.  A wonderful character-driven series (I happen to like those).

Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP: Sakura is one of my favorite characters of all time and Tomoyo is really up there too.  While the plot wasn't much of a surprise, the characters are what make this series shine.

Video Girl Ai by Katsura Masakazu: if you don't cry while reading this, you're friggin' emotionless.  One of the most moving series I've ever read.

X by CLAMP: Again, characters make the series.  Two of my all-time favorite male characters are in this series: Subaru and Sorata.  Besides them though, every other character is very well fleshed out.  The story is overall a bit bleak, which generally isn't my cup of tea, but it's very compelling anyway.  Besides, it's the pinacle of CLAMP art. ^_^

Hikaru no Go by Hotta Yumi and Obata Takeshi: sure, it's a series about Go, but it's so exciting.  Very addicting.

I suppose that's all I'll list.



My favorites are:
Real Bout Highschool
Magic Knight Rayearth
Gundam Wing
I love Jack Sparrow. I am his fangirl. I am also obsessed with pirates. Savvy?


Hmm~ Let's see...

(in no order)

Sotsugyou M (story - Arisugawa Kei sensei; art - Sugisaki Yukiru sensei)
Fushigi Yuugi (Watase Yuu sensei)
Ayashi no Ceres (Watase Yuu sensei)
X/1999 (CLAMP)
SAMURAI DEEPER KYO (... I forget. ^^; )
D·N·Angel (Sugisaki Yukiru sensei)
Rurouni Kenshin (Watsuki Nobuhiro sensei)
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Love Hina
Gundam:The Origin
Initial D
The Big O
One Piece
Kare Kano
Marmalade Boy
Ranma 1/2
G Gundam
MS Gundam:Char's Deleted Affair
Card Captor Sakura
Shaman King
Video Girl Ai
Fushigi Yuugi
Ceres: Celestial Legens(Ayashi no Ceres)
Sailor Moon
Oh My Goddess
Seraphic Feather
Shadow Star
Ghost In The Shell
and there are too many to list . I got VIZ's manga sampler at AX and I'm really looking forward to read Hana Yori Dango, Flame of Recca, Wedding Peach and Excel Saga. LOL
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Love Hina, CCS, Chobits,  Naruto, Kodocha, GTO

anybody buying tokyopop CCS manga?
I think tokyopop CCS manga quality is not as good as Kodansha CCS bilingual manga. too bad that kodansha only release CCS bilingual manga up to book 5...  :(
is it just me being picky or someone else thinking the same??
And why Tokyopop have to change the original manga cover for Love Hina, CCS and Chobits???  :(


ahhh dont get me started with manga ok here goes
-love hina
-cowboy bebop
-angelic layer
-magic knight rayearth
-inu yasha
-ogre slayer
-goku midnight eye
-dragon ball
-real bout high school
-gundam wing
-mobile suit gundam
-one peice
-yu yu hakusho
-cardcaptor sakura
-fushigi yugi
-gate keepers
-ranma 1/2
-maison ikkoku
-initial d
and so much more

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in no particular order

beck ( i am totally different from the guy but i feel we are still alike)
angel densetsu (it makes me laugh and laugh... and laugh)
video girl ai (same reason as tsubasa, when i read the natsumi(sp?) volume i couldnt stop crying)
hunter x hunter (it appeals to the little boy in me, adventure, friends, all that good stuff)
kimagure orange road (old skool is best, i love madoka, this series began before i was even born)
salad days (this is so cheesy but i still like it lots, even though every story is the same, i still look foward to each one)
hanakimi (for the girl in me, i dun remmeber the full name since its always called hana kimi)