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Random Pair Ups and Cute Couples!

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Alright, you can tell what the game is by the subject.

- Think of two things in the world that would make the most random pair up, I mean by people, animals, shows, movies, stores, restaurants, etc.

- You should also put what they would do in their pair up.

- Post cute couples from real life, anime, video games, tv shows, movies, etc.

- You can also post pics of te cute couples

Edit from D_D: Ok people. I noticed that Random Pair Ups and Couples were becoming very similar in content, and so I combined them. Just carry on as normal.

George Bush and Serj Tankian put on a peace concert.

Alucard and Hello Kitty battle the Neo Nazi Millenium

Golden State Warrior:
Dr. Dre and Yasunori Mitsuda should pair up and score the Chronic Cross soundtrack.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris battle an army of ninjas!


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