Started by Yana_Neko, July 07, 2003, 08:32:58 PM

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Hello everyone! I am trying to help out my boyfriend and friend by trying to get the word out about their new webcomic! Sorry if it is considered spam to any of you, I'm just trying to do them a favor. Please check it out?

Con Life is a comic about a group of four friends who attend cons and what happens when one of them falls in love with a mysterious cosplayer. However, this comic isn't just a comedic romance. It's all about the fandom of anime conventions! All aspects of fandom will be covered in this comic from karaoke to gaming to doujinshi. And we don't pull any punches!

Thank you!


Hiya ^^ This looks good!  I just read the first two and my only suggestion would be to make the graphics files smaller - the took a while to load on a 56k


It looks good so far - I'll keep it bookmarked ^_~


Qoo~ -_-'


so far i guess its pretty good i like it
Crazy fans or just pervented freaks
Found link at cosplay underground


Pretty good, reminds me of Okashina Okashi art.  I'll keep it bookmarked too.
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