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Old school?

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Can we please get an old-school anime room? I mean, seriously, some of the best shows I've seen are old school. Let's get some classic stuff like Mazinger Z, Grendizer, Cutey Honey, Gundam classic, something...

I agree! It would be great to have more of the 1970s and even 80s shows. Devilman, Cobra, Goku Midnight Eye, Ace o Nerae!, The Rose of Versailles, Tomorrow's Joe, there are so many titles.

If you want to go real old school you could intersperse short titles from Digital Meme's DVD collection of early anime. Silent with benshi accompanyment and subtitles.

After all it's not really old school if it's in color.

Ummm, is Ranma too "new-school" for this whole thing? Like, the first few seasons or whatnot.

At this stage, Ranma is just what we need, along with 70's and 80's anime.

I'd love it if they played the old Getta Robo and Getta Robo G series (known as Starvengers in the States).  I think Getta Robo G was the very first anime I watched back in my kindergarten years =P


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