Legend of Zelda movie

Started by Runewitt, April 01, 2008, 08:21:56 PM

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Has anyone else heard about this yet? i saw the link to the trailer on gaia, and watched it, looks real enough, though the fact that they're planning a release date of april 1, 2009 kinda makes me wonder.

what do you guys think?
Legend of Zelda movie
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my friend thinks its a hoax but its too nice to be a hoax...who knows?

If it isnt a hoax im excited for it =)


a fansite i saw had posts going back a few years about it.. once i find the link to the site i'll throw it up there.
Brevity is the soul of Wit.
Confusion is the soul of Runewitt.


its a hoax, Kazu.....just a hoax.
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It'd be so cool if this is the real deal.

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Yeah, but then they would have to get some better actors and makeup for the real life sequences  :-X .

But Yeah, it's an April Fools Hoax
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That joke almost got to me!  The outfit was one of the couple reason I felt it wasn't real including the fact that its an April Fool's Joke.
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YEAH!!! other awesome song lol, I saw this coming too happy april fools day lol
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99% It's a hoax and I don't care.
1% it isn't and I will worship it.

It was pretty funny though :D.