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the phone number game!

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so after making fun of myself with my crazy evil phone number... yes yes the one with the crazy 666 in it.

here's a quick and easy game.

Basically give the person who posted last a random phone number.
keep in mind please do not use real phone numbers or dial/call phone numbers.

and lets hope no one gets pranked phone called.
that would be a fun extra thread. - the prank phone call thread.  :P
but i digress. Have fun.

just for the heck of it.
I really want to goto vegas... evetually.  :P

KGO News Talk 810
One of my fave. radio station.


KNBR 680 and KNBR 1050
THE Sports Leader
Home to Giants, A's, 49ers, Raiders, and Sharks.
With Gary Radnich, The Razor & Mr. T, Fitz & Brooks, and Murph and Mack in the Morning.

(yeah, it's also a radio station and it's supposed to be a phone number thread)

(510) 521-7711

La Vals Pizza in Alameda

(775) 677-5454
North Valley's School Bus Depot.  They stink.


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