Dealers list on site up to date?

Started by Moonblossom, April 23, 2008, 10:26:39 AM

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I remember by this time last year the dealer list posted on the site had been updated a few times, but this year it doesn't seem to have changed since it was pushed live. I'm just wondering if it's going to change at all in the coming month? :)


I've been wondering that myself. They don't really seem to have a completed list, or it just hasn't been updated in months. I'd really like to see other dealers put up there, hopefully with more of a figure selection since the ones that are up there don't really have a lot of the new series' figures, and those were the ones I had been looking forward to the most... or hell, even Aria. There are tons of dealers out there selling tons of Aria stuff, and not a single one of those dealers has even one figure in stock. Dx I've been checking the list every day, and it's getting really close to the convention time. =(


unbeknownst to me we were only updating one of the dealers pages. now updated:)
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As a note, y'all might want to specify which Bandai will be in Dealers. I have both Bandai Visual USA and Bandai Entertainment in panels (separate companies), and someone mentioned to me a third Bandai company recently.... mmm... Bandai Namco, I believe?
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Thanks for updating.
I see Toylet Collectibles isn't on there anymore, but there are a few new ones.~