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Started by Tendai, July 17, 2003, 12:39:18 AM

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Woo!  It's an orgy of polls and stuff!  Or something XD Anyhow, what are your five favourite songs from anime? (Not games, that'll come another time!).

For me, in no particular order:

"Aoi Hitomi" from Escaflowne - I love this song.  The simplicity and the quality of the voice (it's Sakamoto Maaya, I think) make it something incredibly beautiful.

"Just Communication" from Gundam Wing - Damn it, this song gets stuck in my head so easily that I have to put it here.  I'm never sure WHY I like it so much, I  It's odd.

"Gessekai" from Night Walker - It's Buck-Tick.  Buck-Tick are among the gods of Jrock.  This song is godlike.  Atsushi has a godlike voice.  Are we seeing a pattern in the descriptions here? XD

"Kiseki no Umi" from Record of Lodoss War - Another one where the voice just gets me.  It's a beautiful song and I dig the chanting parts, they go amazingly well with the singing in my opinion.

"Brain Damage" from Weiß Kreuz - Ha!  I managed to shove aside my love of WK's music enough to just put one song on here!  Anyways, this one ranks among my favourites from that series just because it's sort of sexy, weird chorus or not.


I can dig, though my expertise is basically limited to OP's and ED's :) :

"Yakusoku wa Iranai" from Escaflowne
-Simply, my absolute favorite anime OP theme. It's gorgeous and fits the series perfectly. When I sit down to watch more than one ep of a series in a row, I'll usually watch the opening once, and skip it on the remaining epsidoes. Not this one.

"Tenshi no Enogu" from Macross - Do You Remember Love
-I don't know what it is, but I always sit through the end credits to hear this song. It's a great closer to a great movie, one that makes you wish the movie never ended.

"Orange Mystery" from Kimagure Orange Road
-KOR is a great nostalgia series. Growing up, school, falling in love, the 80's... This song captures the essence of the series.

"Yume Mireba Yume mo Yume ja nai" from Magical Project S (Pretty Sammy TV)
-If for nothing else, I'll mention this song for the uncontrollable urge it gives me to yell "PIPOPA!" at the right moment.

"Tank!" from Cowboy Bebop
-The moment you hear this for the first time, you know you're in for something refreshingly unique.


Only top 5??!!  man that's a tough one...(in no particular order)
- "Rage Your Dream" Initial D
- "Kisekino Hana" Initial D
- "Kimiga Iru" Inital D
- "Kisekino Umi" Record of Lodoss War TV
- "Jyu-san gatsu no Kanjyo" Rurouni Kenshin TV
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Top 5? well..

5)Wings of Fire-Initial D
4)Dreams-Gundam X
3)Sakura Saku-Love Hina
2)Geki! Teikoku Kageki-dan; Attack! Imperial Floral Assault Team-Sakura Wars Opening Theme
and my number 1...
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1. RahXephon - Hemisphere LKJ remix
2. Noir - Canta Per Me LKJ Remix
3. Project A-KO - Dance Away LKJ Remix
4. Hamasaki Ayumi - Rainbow LKJ Remix
5. .Hack//Sign - Stray Child/Obsession LKJ Remix

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Gee, just 5? That's real hard to do. ^^; Well, here's 5 in no order. I hate ranking things. =\

- CROSS WITH YOU / Suwabe Junichi (Atobe Keigo) / Tennis no Ouji sama
Gawd, this song makes me melt whenever I hear it. Suwabe sama sounds just too smexy. Xd If you've heard it, you surely know what I mean. Not bad for singing only his second song. (His first being Yakusoku ~featuring Fuuma from X.)

- PAX VOBÍSCUM / Midorikawa Hikaru (Migeira) / SAMURAI DEEPER KYO
Fast and up-beat. I like it. I first heard this on Midorikawa sama's Soko wa Dame (ha~to) internet show before the CD was released. It was so cool! He sings a bit in Latin, too, which is pretty good.

- GET FREE / Sasaki Nozomu (Akutsu Jin) / Tennis no Ouji sama
Mmm... Fast and Sasaki sama sounds smexy. Don't think of Akutsu being like Yuusuke or Nagi! He's a bit meaner and I wouldn't know it was him doing the voice if I hadn't known previously. @_@ Pretty deep and very smexy!

- Hoshi ni Natta Hanabi / Midorikawa Hikaru (Arai Tougo) / Sotsugyou M
Rawr. =d Awesomeness. I love Arai kun and this song really fits him. The monologue near the end sounds so good. I love Midorikawa sama using his deep voice. It shows you just how talented this man really is.

- The Road / Weiß / Weiß kreuz
I think this is one of Weiß's best songs. Simple as that. Or does this song count as J-Pop? ^^; Whatever. If it does, then replace it with Stone Roses from Weiß kreuz Glühen.

... Plus tons of other songs. @_@ So hard to pick just 5. These probably aren't my top 5. That's much too hard to pick out so they're just 5 songs I really like.
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Iketeru Futari - Fall In You
Onegai Teacher - Love a Riddle
.hack//Liminality - The Evening Sea
Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues
DiGi Charat - Party Night

yea, this is pretty hard to pick -.-
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ey, i guess mine is...
5- Face of Fact (BALDR FORCE)
4- Onaji Sora No Sitade (KazokuKeikaku)
3- Rumbling hearts(Kimiga Nozomu Eien) and MuvLuv(MuvLuv)
2- Tori No Uta(AIR)
and first is...

this is the song that some people now...

P.S. to suspi and ryu, i'll upload this song by tomorrow!! sorry so late =X
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1.) The Theme Song to Chance Pop Session (I don't know it's name ^_^;;). I like it because it's very...happy and I can sing it pretty well.

2.) Toki Ni Ai Wa (Shoujo Kakumei Utena). It's so pretty, and it makes me think of the dancing scene in Utena the Movie.

3.) The Real Folk Blues (Cowboy Bebop). This song holds a lot of special meaning for me, it was the first song I ever learned in Japanese, and the first song I ever sang in a show.

4.) Otome Ranman (Fushigi Yuugi). NURIKO! Need I say more? ^.~

5.) Spiritualized (Weiss Kreuz). This song is so horribly bad, that its funny. Every time I hear Schu yell "I SHOT YOUR PIGS!" I start cracking up. I can't really explain why I like this song, but I do ^_^;;
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Quote from: "Jessa_chan"5.) Spiritualized (Weiss Kreuz). This song is so horribly bad, that its funny. Every time I hear Schu yell "I SHOT YOUR PIGS!" I start cracking up. I can't really explain why I like this song, but I do ^_^;;
It's Midorikawa sama on crack! XD This song is so funny and Midorikawa sama said it was really hard to sing. ^^; I think it has more impact when you listen to it while reading the lyrics. Then you'll know what he's trying to say and how silly it is.

But hey... Schu Schu can shoot my pigs any day! =P
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