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Author Topic: BANZAI ARCADE! A Thrilling new game show panel brought to you by Team Banzai!  (Read 26097 times)

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I was the guy on the right asking the animoo questions. Protip: If you're asked what genre on a hard question, don't say any. That'll encourage me to pull out some obscure question from Brain Powered or one of the other guys to ask a Bad Dudes question or something. :D I had to start going off the top of my head by the end of it, because I could only write so many questions in-between finals and my uni research, and the ones not written by me ended up like the medium Inu-Yasha question.

We were pretty satisfied with the panel, despite the technical difficulties and the short panel time. Hopefully next year we'll be able to work something out so we can work out the technical stuff beforehand. For a first run, everything was awesome. Thanks to everyone that participated, we hope everyone had a great time.

No promises, but if you happen to be in SoCal, I'd say there's a good chance of seeing this or something like it again during Anime L.A. and/or Mikomicon.

I'd gladly go if money and travel arrangements weren't an issue. I guess I'll have to wait until Fanimu 09.


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Man traveling is a bitch for me!  Hope I see u guys next year then!
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Someone list all of the questions.

As for the street fighter one, how was it worded, because I'd challenge it. SF1 had two buttons "Punch" and "Kick" It wasn't until the second cabinet came out did it have the 6 button lay out... but frankly, that question is so incredibly easy.

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