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Prodigal Daughter:
This is going to be my tenth year at Fanime! I've been going every year since I was 14 (in a disastrous Chii cosplay, that first year), and I'm now 24. I just realised this and I'm very hype about it.  ;D

TC X0 Lt 0X:
I myself am on my 10th or 11th year. Much too old.

This will be my 7th year. Hooray. XD

This year will be my 19th Famine.

I first started studying Japanese because I wanted to be a polygot. (I attempted to pick it up along with other languages.)
Back then I thought the sounds of different languages, their structures, their word usages and such very interesting. But covered that up with anime fandom so people wouldn't think I was a weirdo.


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