Your fanime schedule?

Started by abcbadcat, May 23, 2008, 12:19:40 AM

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Here is mine, I know some things have conflicting times but I'll go to whatever I feel like going too.

Rock Band Open Mic – 4PM – 6PM – Video Main
Ninja Assassination Game Pre-meet – 5PM – Front Entrance
Street Fighter Third Strike – 7PM – 9PM – Gaming Room
Texas Hold'Em – 9PM – 11PM – Gaming Room
Rave – 10PM – 4AM – Ballroom J

Barwl – 2PM – 4PM – Gaming Room
Gaia Online – 5PM – 7PM – Video Main
Masquerade – 6PM – 11PM – Civic Auditorium
Texas Hold'Em – 9PM – 11PM – Gaming Room
Rave – 10PM – 4AM – Ballroom J

Rebuild of Evangelion – 2PM – 4PM – Ballroom B
Soul Calibur 3 – 7PM – 9PM – Gaming Room

What do YOU have planned?


the onlying i have set in stone is the assassin pre meet. tomarrow i will go over the sched agian and see what i want to do or change any plans


Friday: Redeath @ 8:00, maybe some AMVs, rave
Saturday: Gaia @ 5:00, Masq @ 6:00, rave
Sunday: Nescaflowne @ 1:00, AMVs, rave

Somewhere in there I want to catch some foreign films... I think they are a very underrated part of Fanime that I love!


my photoshoot schedule in my signature.

the rest of the time, walk around in cosplay and have fun talking to people. =)