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Would it be possible for someone to post a list of these AMVs somewhere?  I missed the first batch (100-75), but I've watched the next two (74-50, 49-25), and I fully intend to watch tomorrow's final batch (24-1).  However, I would really like to download some of these myself.  I tried bringing up the top AMVs on, but their list seems to have changed since you guys set up your list for the convention.  Even if you just post the m3u playlist files that include the AMV sets, I can extract the AMV titles from those and download the AMVs.  It's up to you, of course, but I know I'm not the only one who wants to download some of these AMVs.  A list would be very, very helpful.

I'd also like this, along with a list and links of the FMV final voting round (I'm having trouble finding some, like the Too Loud! and The Harassment of Kyon.  And who won, too!  Thanks!

Hehe, I was lucky enough to be able to get copies of the .m3u files used for showing the AMVs, which gives me the file names for them all.  When I get a chance, I'll type up a list of just the AMV filenames and post it here.  That is, if Jerry doesn't post a list first.  Unfortunately, now I have a problem that Jerry is probably the only one who can fix.  It seems that the AMV in the 91st slot, Jerry's own "Whose Fist" AMV, no longer exists on  Is there anywhere else where it can be downloaded from? 

the otaku god:
reedit now with links please vote and help support the vids you like and the list will be on line soon as i get the other 2 list up and full of links. remember i love all fanimecons fans. you guys are so much worth the work i put in to this con!
now this is awsome

here it is:
1 Koopiskeva (Jay Naling) – Euphoria

2 ScorpionsUltd - Whisper Of The Beast

3 Koopiskeva (Jay Naling) -Skittles

4 istiv (Steeve Gréaux) - Shounen Bushidou

5 alkampfer81 (Marisa Panaccio -Kyouki-) - Hold me now

6 Inertia - Sail On

7 Decoy (Ryno Eksteen) - Naruto's Technique Beat

8 Tyler_yj (Yann J.) - Jihaku

9 Darius GQ - Spoil

10 Sierra Lorna (Laura Fremmerlid) - Phenomenon (Open Your Soul)

11 Nostromo_vx (Xavier Guinchard) - Magic Pad

12 Tyler_yj (Yann J.) - 罪人の火傷 Tsumibito no kashou

13 MajinKenshinAMV (Jimmy Cleveland) - Toushi

14 AbsoluteDestiny (Ian Roberts) - Do It Right (Shake It!)

15 Einhänder (Soraya Recio) - Naruto's world

16 Nekoteo - Taivas - Skies On Fire

17 Zarxrax (Alan Clontz) - AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture

18 *inverse* (Shell ) - Lost Soul

19 shine@G2 - Recollection

20 suberunker (Kevin Chiou) - Still Preoccupied with 1985

21 MousePotato (Floyd Russell) - Nightmare

22 Editinghermit (Michael Zubrzycki) - REAL NINJAS

23 silver_moon (Valerie Fremmerlid) - From the Ashes

24 Nostromo_vx (Xavier Guinchard) - FMA - Always Hardcore

25 NetTroop (NetTroop Studio) - Another Half

26 Sierra Lorna (Laura Fremmerlid) - In My Mind

27 E-Ko - Tainted Donuts

28 Inertia - The Narutrix

29 Darci-San (Darci Viens) - Greed vs. Envy

30 Koopiskeva (Jay Naling) - Waking Hour

31 Metro (Jonathan Reed) - true fiction

32 shiningfingerstudios  - The AMV Before Halloween

33 VicBond007 (Victor Boruta) - Die Another Day

34 SnhKnives (Lee Webster) - Reflections of Style 3

35 aokakesu (Jay R. Locke) - Odorikuruu

36 ShonenDizzyCow (Weng-Cheong Fung) - Evangelion Opus

37 K-type - Hale's Mom

38 Yorae (Hind Saoud) - Naruto - Shangrila

39 Tsukin (Michael Walter) - Bleed The Sky

40 rubyeye (Danniel Cecava) - SHELLSHOCK

41 Taskmasta (Chris E) - Anxiety

42 Fluxmeister (Tim Stair) - Eternal Damnation

43 Vlad G Pohnert (Vlad Pohnert) - Memories Dance

44 ukms[z] (kamaz graphics ) - Reflections

45 ScorpionsUltd - Making Of The Beast

46 Scintilla (Peter Tom-Wolverton) - Waka Laka (for Osaka)

47 Kusoyaro (Hsien Lee) - Sappy Self-Indulgence

48 turboneko (Marco & Cristina) - DDR Project 5th Mix, Track 36: Petit Love

49 VicBond007 (Victor Boruta) - Shining Collection

50 Pianos - EasyAction of [hagaren]

51 cyuson - Chaos -Around the M@D-

52 Fuze (Isaac Rivera) - Zetsubou Kira (Time Takes Us All)

53 Endless Pride (Keven Carney) - Dragonball Z Conclusion

54 Scintilla (Peter Tom-Wolverton) -  Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop

55 silver_moon (Valerie Fremmerlid) - Visionary

56 alkampfer81 (Marisa Panaccio -Kyouki-) - Vampires

57 Pokich - Trauer (Sadness)

58 silver_moon (Valerie Fremmerlid) - Worlds Unbroken

59 Bakadeshi (Kareef Huggins) - Zetsumo

60 Inertia - Ordained From Above

61 FireFreak Ryuuka (Ron Esty) - Lord of the Sennen Ringu

62 fal-79D37 (79D37'fallout' ) - Image

63 sailor_red (Elaine M) - [SasuNaru]-Listen

64 Fluxmeister (Tim Stair) - Souls of Rage and Sorrow

65 *inverse* (Shell ) - LuV & jOy oF FrUiTs BaSkEt

66 ZennMora (George Mora) - Ninja Of The Night

67 alkampfer81 (Marisa Panaccio -Kyouki-) - Heading for a new century

68 IcyCloud - Quid Pro Quo

69 VegettoEX (Michael LaBrie) - Doomrider (DBZ AMV Project)

70 VicBond007 (Victor Boruta) - Believe

71 Chiikaboom (Chii the Awesome Bean!) - Attack Of The Otaku

72 Pianos - Flask Pochette

73 Master_Gohan22 (Kenny Jenkins) - For You

74 K-type - CHIHUAHUA!

75  Beowulf (Julian Milo) - Dead To The World (The Story Of The Antichrist)

76 MeriC (Meri Cantoni) - Deceptive Passions

76 suberunker (Kevin Chiou) - The Wizard of Ozaka

78 sayde - A New Emotion: Final Fantasy VII-2

79 Zarxrax (Alan Clontz) - AMV Hell

79 suberunker (Kevin Chiou) - FOOTBALL!!

81 kurt (Kurt Perry) - Excel Pop Up Video

82 AbsoluteDestiny (Ian Roberts) - I Wish I Was A Lesbian

83 StaticSanity (Denis Grenader) - ~Restored Pieces~

84 AniMix - AniMix - Full project

85 Kevin Caldwell (proxy) (Kevin Scott Caldwell) - Engel

86 *inverse* (Shell ) - Right Here

87 Devil^Shin (Kostadin Momirov) - Redemption

88 JaddziaDax (Katie ) - Something Fishy

89 Ileia (Ileia Thespina Centracchio) - Date Rape

90 Pwolf (Scott Grasso) - Mitternacht

91 Scott A Melzer (Scott Melzer) - This Is Otakudom
(this was switched with *jcwainc – who’s  fist,* since it wasn't a music video)

92  Nappy (Richard Cole) - The Chibi Things (That Kill)

93 dokidoki (Tim Park) - Right Now Someone Is Reading This Title

94 *inverse* (Shell ) - Eye to Eye...(sort of)

95 feanor (Jonathan Backer) - Metropolis - Center of the Sun

96 Second Element - The Haunting

97 Scott A Melzer (Scott Melzer) - This Is DBZ Life

98 Zarxrax (Alan Clontz) - Doujin Addiction

99 The Wired Knight (Sean Thordsen) - The Purpose of Persocoms

100 Rinny (Rinny Wilson) - Adinokyi Malen'kyi Zvetok (Lonely Little Flower)

i hope you liked this new video program. i plan on bring it back every year. also keep you eyes on the video page for more info on all the we showed.

the whos fist video can be found on youtube and myspace under " jcwainc - whos fist "

my god im tired but all you con attendies are so worth it when i see the smiles on your faces and the laughter in the air

Awesome!  Thanks a lot, Jerry!  I see the note you wrote about Whose Fist, and I understand.  I guess I'll just make a note of that and skip it as I work on downloading the rest of the list.  And I'll definitely keep an eye on the video section as well.  Thanks for all of the hard work this year!


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