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Author Topic: Fanime 2008 Feedback thread.  (Read 43729 times)

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Re: AA difficulties
« Reply #180 on: October 27, 2008, 10:44:53 PM »

electricty: I Suggest to get something to Locked the plugs. It was'nt the gaming I was talking about, IT was the artist row. I saw 2 peopl using the outling to charge their cameras (and they are not professionals, just average people taking advantage to your electricity without payment), then 1 guy shows up with his camcorder on the other side of the Auction area NEXT to you recharging. Then came another guy with his Computer and charged it there for 1 hour, left the bag and told someone to stay hear and make sure no one stole my computer). I think its time you should locked those sockets with a plastic plug that does'nt come off!. I know you can provide electricity to some people. but after that Threat we got from Stacy, it was just heartbroken!. He did'nt mean to do anyharm! Try something to plug those things and get more enforcements to make sure no one gets them. Otherwise I can prove to you that I can get electricty for free without having you guys know it!

I spoke at length with the head of AA. The only location for power is the staff table. No one is permitted to charge or plug in without staff permission. Any other outlets in the room are not open but will also not be locked. The staff will ask anyone plugging to unplug. We want to provide a good room and a fun room and with that comes rules to ensure that for the remaining artists. If you are asked to do something by staff, please comply. If you refuse or persist the staff may be forced to remove you from the room for the benefit of the many other artists in the room.
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