MGS Gathering and photos

Started by Captain Fabulous, May 26, 2008, 10:28:51 PM

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Captain Fabulous

Hey just wanting pictures from the MGS gathering, also any of my cosplay I was the young snake in blue.


Likewise, I was Big Boss in the OD that was always with captain fabulous. email is
*see above*


I saw some Meryl's, Old Snake, a soldier and a couple of others... I'm really envious of you guys. I'm thinking next year of going as Drebin. (Stuffed monkey with a can of coke and all)

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Captain Fabulous


Hey I was the Meryl in this group, and would love to see any group shots anyone got of our small gathering. That and if anyone knows who was going around interviewing cosplayers and interviewed our group, that'd be awesome.