Cosplay for 2009

Started by angeljibrille, May 27, 2008, 11:50:29 AM

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I was thinking, I might cosplay either Xaldin from KH2, or Seimei from Loveless!



-Chelsea Tone from Tales of Destiny - Debut!
-Kamkirimusi - Soul Calibur 4 (If I finish her in time!)
-Kai from Heavenly Sword
-Dark Sheik (Original design)



L - Death Note - luv
Joey/Katsuya - YuGiOh - if possible, but...
Seto Kaiba -YuGiOh - because it would be fun to toss monopoly money at other duelists claiming I can screw the rules.
Jolteon - Pokemon - I need to perfect the costume, but this is low on my priorities.
Kazu - Air Gear - Its so simple, yet its always difficult to find the simplest components, no?
Kenny - South Park - Wut? dun judge meh!
Organization Member - KH2 - has anyone heard of org. infinity on deviantart? >.< :)
Soubi - Loveless - Another low priority, but my friend is planning a Ritsuka, so...

*Obviously won't get all of them done.*
_  _;


Well. u may see that im cosplaying as L. but for fanime 09 i may cosplay as sora... please help me decide, sora with metal chocobo or L with awesome hair?


im doing a yaoi doujin Vincent Valentine if i finish him the doujin Gailian Beast by K. Haruka
im aslo doing Lucrecia Cresent ice crystal version mabye if i get the wig right from Final Fantasy 7
and last but not least
the first in cali
that makes me happy
Im doing Jenova from Final fantasy 7 ^^
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hmmm this next year i was planning::

Haruhi Fujioka ( Ouran) episode 26 dress

Cheza ( Wolf's Rain)

and possibly or mabey::

Mio Hio ( D.N.Angel)


Hopefully, I'll get three different decadance fashion done.

And maybe, I might cosplay as Yachiru; Bleach.

And then maybe Nekozawa; Ouran High School


So far, I'm planning on going as these characters:

Tsubaki - Soul Eater
Mitsuru Kirijo or Yukari Takeba - Persona 3
The Snow card - Cardcaptor Sakura
Unnamed Turk or Cissnei - FFVII: Before Crisis/Crisis Core
OC Character
Retsu Unohana - Bleach

Hopefully I can get some fabric to work with my friends' help on making outfits ^_^;


1.  Lucca (Chrono Trigger)
2.  ...
3. ?!?!?


Oh, hey...

I've been working on finding some fabrics for a complete Domo costume! 
So, I hope you guys are looking forward to Domo-kun walking around the con :D

I'm just working on his feet and arms. :]


Giriko from Soul Eater, if I can pull it off.


I definitely, for sure, gotta do Kaiji. I wanna do his default outfit, "The High Lows" outfit and Waifu Kaiji for shits and giggles.


I don't have anything yet, but I'm gonna try to at least finish Zexion from Kingdom hearts
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In my cosplay group We are doing:
Pandora Hearts
Disgaia 3
Vocaloide Family
Vapire Nights
Kingdom Hearts 2
and Phoenix Wright
My Cosplay:
Pandora Hearts-Oz
Disgaia 3 - saphire
Vocaloide Family-Miku 
Vapire Nights-Sirin
Kingdom Hearts 2-Namine
and Phoenix Wright-Lana Skye
That is all my cosplays
see you at the gatherings


I'm going as Near from Death Note, fersure. :3


I'm going to nerd it up and go with my Best Friend as Naruto and Sasuke post  Shippuden.
I'll be playing Naruto, but I'll be making both of our costumes.

Hopefully, since we both have Lolita dresses as well, we will also be able to play up a form of 'sexy-no-jutsu' of them both as well.

I only pray I don't wimp out and end up not doing it!


I will for sure be May from Pokemon for at least a day. The costume was so easy I'm thinking I should be something else as well...


I'm cosplaying as Near, fersure. :3
First year cosplaying, too!
I'm really looking forward to it! x]


I'm currently making my KAYA cosplay for the dance routine my group has planned for 09

I'll be dressed as Kaya in his White dress (chocolat PV) while my cousin and sister will be the lovely gentlemen who are Kaya's backup dancers. XD

(And no, I'm not singing. XD Just dancing.)


My friends and I are planning to cosplay Organization members from Kingdom Hearts.

Myself will be IX Demyx.
Raphael will be VIII Axel.
Kristine will be VIII Axel.
Dezi will be XIV Xion.

We are also planning on doing our own original design for Halloween Town Organization members. Actually, they've all decided that I'm the one who has to design all the costumes, but they all have to put them together themselves. I'm just drawing out what they need to do. It's top secret, though, but look forward to seeing us if we can manage to put it together in time.

Also, as a note, Kristine and Dezi will be cosplaying more than just KH. They have several other cosplays they will be doing through that weekend. Raphael and I are only cosplaying from KH, however, but we'll probably not wear it the whole weekend. At some points, we're going to just wear Japanese Fashion like lolita and decorer. But, we hope people enjoy our outfits nonetheness.