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Author Topic: 2009, Live streaming webvideo  (Read 1710 times)

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2009, Live streaming webvideo
« on: May 28, 2008, 08:41:25 PM »

I'm toqer, of the 7 Bamboo karaoke lounge in San Jose Japantown.  This is what I have to offer.

I've been doing live streaming video for a long time.  I have good contacts at AOL, and i'm sure they would be more than happy to provide us with a shoutcast server (They provide the one for the 7 Bamboo)

The trick i've learned with AOL admins is, less is better.  If all they gotta do is tell me "Here's your IP and password" they're happy.

I've been doing live, openGL accellerated video mixing using mxwendler.  Fades between cameras, logo overlays, midi control over IP.

Basically what i'm offering is a place to broadcast to, and the expertise to shine it up so it looks professional when it goes out. 

As far as other broadcast mediums (stickam, justin.tv) we can do those too, but the audio is better on NSV (because the ACC+ codec) and live transcodable to those other formats (provided we have enough outgoing bandwidth or remote transcoders)


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Re: 2009, Live streaming webvideo
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2008, 07:57:41 PM »

Hi Toqer. Can you say more about what this technology would allow, with an emphasis on what benefits it brings to Fanime fans?

Are you talking about adding something ( a link, a widget ) to the fanime web site so "the internet" can see and hear something from Fanime? e.g. broadcasting Stage Zero?  How would this benefit a Fanime attendee?

Here is a far fetched idea: : Does this technology allow us to do a high quality video conference setup, perhaps in a panel room, so that some live events could be done interactively with another location? Each location would have a live camera, microphones, and a large video screen to see the other location. What other location am I thinking of.....? Toronto, Canada! Anime North is a very large (or the largest) anime convention in Canada and is held the same time as Fanime.

What I am proposing is an interactive social experiment, where Fanime Fans get to interact with other fans in another city. Besides sharing panels, I'm sure that our own fans could work out some shared events with fellow fans in Toronto, much like cosplay groups self-organize their own meeting times in front of the convention center. I don't personally know anyone at Anime North, but they also describe themselves as a Fan Run convention.  I think this would be a lot of fun for guests and even panelists. Imagine if this catches on and we had a room where Fanime guests could interact with anime fans in Japan.

Interactive technology provides benefits to Fanime attendees as well as the people at the remote site. Other internet viewers could watch, but not participate - that is the benefit of being at Fanime.
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