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I don't live there anymore, but I consider Fanime my hometown con! I come back every year just for it. it's so much fun.

Anyway, I make parody videos and i would love to have like 2 hours of time during the day to show them sometime, like the guys at sokodei studios do. some of my videos have been shown at fanime during midnight madess, and they also have been shown at lots of other big cons like Anime Central in chicago and Otakon in baltimore (i think [i mean i think it's in baltimore, i know they're been played there]), they also get play at about a dozen other smaller cons as well. anyway, i plan to be there in 2013 and i was wondering if it was a possibility. maybe.

you can check out my videos on youtube here:
I'm just curious because there were quite a lot of people there. Was it more than last year?