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Please give us a day notice at least before registration opens! I've waited all year for this and I'll be sad if spaces run out quickly
Hotel and Facilities / Re: How was your stay at Ramada?
January 18, 2016, 08:43:48 PM
I liked staying there, it's very quiet, the rooms are okay, free parking, away from the craziness of the con. the only downside is the walk, especially at night.
Is it faster by phone? I've heard of people refreshing for hours to get a hotel through the housing website and I've also heard of people getting their reservations faster by calling Fanime Housing using the international line, not the domestic line. Is this true?

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I'm going! My boyfriend and I are volunteering since badges were extremely hard to come by and I only managed to snag a Sunday badge :/
Hotel and Facilities / Review your hotel stay!
June 05, 2015, 09:19:53 PM
Hi so I want to start a thread about where everyone stayed this year and how it went, because i want to see what everyone's hotel experience was and hopefully it will help other attendees for next Fanime!

Just state the hotel you stayed at, when you checked in/checked out, how your stay was and if you will stay there again!

To start off, I stayed at the Fairmont for the first time. Checked in on Day Zero and checked out on Memorial Day.

i really enjoyed my stay there, the floor I was on was very quiet and the room was very clean. Not too much traffic on my floor honestly and I didn't mind that. The beds were comfy but I wasn't a fan of the pillows because I thought they were too soft, the bathroom was huge! The bathtub was separated from the shower so I thought that was awesome but I mostly just used the bathtub to put our stuff in. Elevators were the least of my problems but it was easy to get lost around the second floor trying to look for that bridge connecting the North and South towers. Walking to and from the con was a bit of a walk from the Fairmont but there are a lot of people almost all the time so it isn't as scary, maybe just when it's late at night with all the drunk people..Parking was valet and I was told it was $26 a night (which I thought was ridiculous but I learned Saint Claire charges $31 and Marriott around $40 a night) but only paid $20. My favorite part was how close we were to all the food places! This hotel was very pricey for me but it really is worth staying here, I usually save up a year before Fanime because I go to other conventions as well so I need to be on a tight budget.

With that said, I highly recommend Fairmont and I will stay here again next year!
I believe it was $100 for the whole stay..but just think it's $50/night just to be safe and they do recommend giving security deposit in cash. I think they also hold the total amount for your entire stay when you check in so make sure you already have the money for the stay when checking in.

Stayed there last ear :)
last much is parking for fairmont guests?
I'll be attending as Summoner Yuna :)
Quote from: SpiritOfKairi on May 04, 2015, 01:39:39 PM
I stayed at the Fairmont a few years ago (like, around 2010).  It's a fairly nice place.  The lobby is huge with big comfy chairs and the rooms are fairly spacious too.  One kind of awkward thing though, is the shower.  It's this kind of clear glass booth-stall in the corner (think in the same vein as a phone booth), and it's all tile on the bottom so you have to be careful about watching your step.  But IIRC the toilet has a rolling door that blocks it off from the rest of the bathroom, which is nice.

The only other awkward thing I can think of is getting in the building an operating the elevator late at night.  If someone wants to confirm this then go for it, but IIRC at about 9-10 pm they lock the south tower.  This makes it so, in order to get in, you have to insert your room key into a pillar located by the entrance doors.  (You have to be kind of fast catching the door as well.)  Then when you get in the elvator, you have to insert the room key AGAIN before it'll let you choose which floor.  I'm not sure why they do this, but it's a thing, and a good reason to keep track of your room key at all times (besides the obvious ones).

Aside from the little annoying things, it's a nice place to stay.  It's quiet, a short distance from the CC, there are a bunch of restaurants nearby, the rooms are always spotless, the beds are comfy, and just overall it's a good hotel.  Lol only reason I don't stay there anymore is because I like the convenience of the Hilton better.

Good to know! I've only attended Fanime a couple of times, my first year we drove back and forth from home & last year I stayed at Ramada. I'll try Hilton or Marriott next year just because they're adjacent to the CC
I am going as Poison Ivy! I want to check this out since I already attended the Kill La Kill gathering last year :)

Is there an FB event page for this?
Yeah I figured that would be the case. All I need to use pretty much is the fridge and maybe a microwave but I'm sure that's already included in actual room charges. I never use us the tea or coffee provided anyway. I most likely will not stay at fairmont next year just because of so many charges but then again let's see how this experience goes since it seems like it's the HQ hotel

I didn't mind staying at ramada though. It was quiet for the most part and the free breakfast were pluses. The walk wasn't too bad either, at least not in the daytime. It was just a little bit sketchy at night after partying
thanks everybody!

and if the charge does cover the minibar, i WILL take advantage of it hahaha
This is my first year staying at the Fairmont and I was wondering how much the security deposit was for those that have stayed there before.
I emailed Fanime housing and they said it's "$100 per night on a card or $300 per night with cash." Is this true? So I'm paying either $400 or $1200 JUST for deposit?! I only paid $100 at the Ramada for my entire stay last year so I am kinda worried...
thanks!! I'll be looking for them at AX and getting the shirt early before it sells out!
Dealers Room / Booth that sold Nudist Beach tees
June 04, 2014, 11:42:36 PM
Does anybody remember what the dealer's name is? I wanted to buy the Nudist Beach tee but they were sold out in my size. I can't remember the name of the dealer & I'm looking to buy it online. Their booth was located towards the back by the lounge. They sold a lot of graphic tees and pokemon and mine craft plushies.

Or if anyone can upload a picture of the dealers hall map I'll be able to remember the name!
Character you cosplayed
What series he/she/it is from
What day(s) you wore it

Friday I was Rinoa

Saturday I was Tifa Lockhart (FFVII) and Mikasa Ackerman but with a huge flower crown

Sunday I was Fionna and Nonon Jakuzure!
Hotel Stayed: Ramada

Nights Stayed: Thursday-Sunday

Amenities: TV with USB ports, fridge, microwave, hair dryer, iron, ironing board, that little closet thing but isn't really a closet (where you hang stuff I guess), bathroom sink separated from bathroom, fluffy pillows, free breakfast, free parking (with your stay), free wifi, AC, walking distance from McDonald's

Helpfulness of Staff: Didn't interact with them much except the time I forgot to put the Do Not Disturb sign on. The housekeeper knocked on my door first, I was already awake so I told her we'd be gone by noon but she said she was already leaving so I just asked for new towels and the trash taken out. When I checked out, I was informed that I made a cash payment for a night's stay (which I didn't but decided to go along with it) then they called to let me know it was a mistake.

Roomshares?: plans fell apart with my friends so it ended up just being two people in a two-Queen bed room. It would fit 4-6 people on the bed and maybe two more on the floor?

Pros of Hotel: $75 a night with all those amenities. It's pretty quiet compared to the hotels closest to the con (less activity I guess).
Cons of Hotel: two block walk to the convention center. It isn't that shady though cuz it's around the nightclubs

Would You Stay Again: Yeah but maybe as a last resort if I can't get a room at the Marriott or the Hyatt.

Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: bring a power strip because there aren't a lot of outlets, and extra trash bags because theirs are super small and there are only two and maybe a blanket if you like to keep warm
can't wait to meet all of you! my crystal sword kinda got beat up from the sacramento comic con but i am bringing it anyway because I can't stand not having the props lol i wish i had enough time to make Cake though! I'm so excited!!
this has probably been answered so many times BUT I'll ask anyway lol

If you have a group registration do ALL the group members have to be there? I'm the leader for our group and I have my sister as a follower but she has finals on thursday and can't come to day zero to pick up her badge so I was wondering if she needed to be there or not...