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nice closet cosplay! yeah, hopefully we can do this for next year, I'll definitely cosplay gundam when fanime is held again.
Quote from: Eri Kagami on March 15, 2020, 03:11:35 PM
My partner and I will be going as Sayla and Bright from 0079 on Friday. Depending on the time, we'll stop by the gathering. We will be at the old school gathering for sure.

Quote from: teknetos on March 24, 2020, 02:50:27 AM
So I'm probably going to scrap my plans for 00 Gundam. :( I've been out of work for a couple weeks due to the coronavirus shutdown and it seems like a bad time to be throwing money into an expensive hobby like this.. which is a shame because I already had some elements like my Tieria wig and glasses ready to go. I have a decent closet-cosplay of his first season outfit, but I don't really want to wear it for the group pic. Maybe I'll save it for Sunday or Monday when I want to do something more casual and low-key.

Fortunately, my Athrun is pretty much done aside from some little details I want to change and I have just about everything I need to make Chibodee, so I still have options..
Ahhh I'm sorry to hear hear about your job ;_; Some of my plans are also disrupted by everything going on, since I was waiting to order new wigs and contact lens, so I may have to opt out of special lenses and use my old wigs instead.

Not sure what's going to happen this year, but I hope everyone stays safe.
Quote from: MrTimtastic on February 28, 2020, 12:50:43 PM
I could participate if this gathering runs on a Friday. I'll either have a Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing or Domon Kasshu from G Gundam. I can't do the other days due to running cosplay gatherings for other series already.
Not sure how scheduling will end up, but I hope it works out for you to join us!
I'll be doing the red uniform for both, as a matter of convenience, so no white uniform Yzak, sadly. I'm pretty sure my friend doing Lacus will be wearing another dress than her first songstress one, so we'll have some variation there  :D

I'm really looking forward to all of us meeting up. We could probably do multiple days (outside of the official gathering) to coordinate the difference cosplays.

And I'll go ahead and update the initial post with some more info.
That's great to hear! I hope you do go through with it, and we can see you at the gathering if everything works out.
Yay! that's great. I'm planning to go as Athrun and Yzak this year, and I have a friend who might be doing Lacus.

I hope we all get our planned costumes ready for Fanime. Do you and your friends have a preferred method of communications? So that even if we don't get enough people for the official gathering, we can all meet up and do photos anyway. (SEED fans unite~)
I don't know how many people are planning to cosplay Gundam this year, but if there is enough interest, I'd like to organize a gathering.

Any characters from any Gundam series would qualify.

I'll edit this post accordingly if there's enough interest.

Please reply to this thread if you or you know friends who are planning to cosplay Gundam.

Tentative attendance:

- Athrun Zala (1) Red ZAFT Uniform from Gundam SEED [masao]
- Athrun Zala (2) Red ZAFT Uniform from Gundam SEED [teknetos]
- Bright Noa (1) from 0079 [Eri Kagami's partner]
- Chibodee Crocket (1) from G Gundam [teknetos]
- Domon Kasshu (1) from G Gundam [teknetos]
- Lacus Clyne (1) First songstress dress from Gundam SEED [masao's friend]
- Lacus Clyne (2) battle dress (?) from Gundam SEED [teknetos' friend]
- Montag (1) masked McGillis from Gundam IBO [olingamer]
- Sayla Mass (1) from 0079 [Eri Kagami]
- Yzak Jule (1) Red ZAFT Uniform from Gundam SEED [masao]

the same people are planning multiple cosplays, so I suspect we'll get a better idea of which cosplays each of us end up wearing to the gathering once we finalize attendance.