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Hello Fanime Forums!
We just posted our thoughts on Fanime '19 on our podcast. Give it a listen while you do stuff and things:
Happy Throwback Tuesday!
I mean, I am posting on a forum after all! ^_^;

After a six year absence, we have returned to Fanime. You can read our report here:
Hey guys!
I won't be at Fanime this year, but I do love this convention dearly. I've attended this con for almost 10 years. I do hope one day to return..

I recently posted an editorial on encouraging conventions on how it is important to make everyone feel safe and have a reporting system (know who to contact) and encouraging enforcing disciplinary action against perpetrators.

Link here:

I thought I'd open up the floor on how staff can keep Fanime attendees safe and have a way to report / punish people who do harassment.
I'm hoping I posted this in the correct forum.

Here's our convention report!
Moon Prism Poptarts is a nostalgia panel for those of us who grew up watching Sailor Moon in the mid-90s on UPN. This is for those of us who grew up watching the dub and then discovering the wonderful world of Japanese animation through it.

Whether you love or hate the dub, the North American version has had its moments. This panel is a history of the domestication of Sailor Moon and a listing of all censorship, changes, and fan reaction. This panel will also show clips from the North American dub (both DIC and Cloverway) of many infamous moments.

This panel was made to look back at childhood and to enjoy nostalgia with likeminded moonies. So bring your strawberry poptarts and Sailor Moon cosplay and make some time in your schedule to check us out!

Facebook Event:
As editor-in-chief of Scarlet Rhapsody, the Fanime Con 2011 report is finally complete. Last year, we went with a "Rent" theme, and now we're going for a "Grease" theme for the report. The song "We Go Together" fits the overall atmosphere and our experience this year. We have photos, videos, and an overall account of the convention. In addition, we also have two comprehensive final reviews / feedback about the con.


And now to work on BotCon and E3 reports!
Panels and Workshops / Moon Prism Poptarts Feedback
June 02, 2011, 03:37:12 PM
If you showed up for this panel, I would love to hear your input! This was a last minute addition to the schedule and I'm very glad people showed up for it!

We are planning to have this back for Fanime 2012. We are thinking about submitting this to Anime Expo.

Things to Add For Next Time
+ Clips of Sailor Moon S (references to cousins...hehe)
+ Clips of Sailor Moon R (lots of really bad writing in the alien arc

Any requests for any other awesomely bad moments in the DiC / English dub?

What to Do For the Future
+ Edit down certain clips so I don't have to cursor through them

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thought I'd start a thread up for this.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Since Fanime has had a long history of showcasing live action Asian entertainment, I thought this panel would be a great fit for Fanime Con. I've run this panel before as "Awesomely Bad Filipino Movies" at PMX. This is the panel shows clips from various Filpino media including anime dubs (sing along to the Sailor Moon theme - in Tagalog!), over the top action movies (Fernando Poe Jr, anyone?), laugh out loud to the comedy stylings of Dolphie, cringe at the over acting in soap operas and dramatic movies, root for PacMan as he goes up against a giant crab, pinoys so fabulous that they make bishies look like Kamina, and much, much more!

We had a great turn out at PMX wherein we had people (of all ethnicities) standing in the aisles laughing along to the clips shown.

If you have any suggestions of any clips or movies I should check out prior to Fanime, do let me know. This panel is all for fun and poking fun at the over the top entertainment that Filipinas has to offer.
Scarlet Rhapsody presents:

Fanime 2010: La Vie Boheme

+ 700+ photos
+ Plenty of ancedotes and stories
+ Quotes
+ Videos
+ Interview with Reuben Langdon
+ Overall feelings and impression of the show

Podcast is coming soon!
Share your videos!

I'm still in the process of uploading, but enjoy what we have by far:

Feel free to friend / subscribe! ^^
Fanime 2003

Fanime 2004

Feel free to subscribe / friend us on youtube! I also added a few other Bay Area anime con videos on there too (AOD, Tales of Anime). Feel free to check those out too!

- Victoria
Traveling Valentine

PS: Look out for more videos for the 2009 event.
Hope this fits in here since this forum is all about sharing creativity!

So, I've been producing this new Internet radio show called Geek FM. It's the brainchild of a Fanime Stage Zero alumni. Yes, he's hosting this new anime  / popular arts themed podcast. The first three shows are up here:

We're only just beginning. Any feedback is encouraged! (geekfmradio @
We're still looking for sponsors. Let me know if you would know anyone interested.
Hey hey!

This is Victoria of Traveling Valentine. Tom and I made another Fanime video. This time, it's not a music video. It's our dolls doing their own video report on Fanime. Enjoy!
Dealers Room / Looking for Fanime Baby Tees!
July 19, 2006, 01:31:52 PM
I'm such a sucker for waiting until the last minute. Anyone know if I can still purchase a size Large Fanime 2006 baby tee? Help appreciated!