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I was hoping that with the release of the new game I would see a gather for Assassins Creed this year; haven't seen one in a while. Anyone else want to see this happen?
Due to communication errors, this panel will not appear in the printed program. So we are posting it here to make sure as many people see it as possible!

Game Junkyard is an up and coming YouTube Let's Play channel comprised of several friends and their derpy adventures therein.

To check out our videos click below!
(don't forget to like, comment and subscribe  ;) )

We are going to be doing a live Let's Play. Here's the break down:
1 of the Let's Players is going to play a mystery game selected by one of the other Let's Players
The one playing the game will have no idea what is selected for him until the moment he has to play it
This isn't just for spectating! Expect lots of audience participation in the game, prizes and more!

Panel room 3
Friday,May 20th at 11:50pm - Saturday at 1am

We cant wait to see ALL of you there! Feel free to contact us at:
if you have an questions!


Kthnx for reading!