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My partner and I will be going as Sayla and Bright from 0079 on Friday. Depending on the time, we'll stop by the gathering. We will be at the old school gathering for sure.
So, I'm working on two UC Gundam cosplays in the works to compliment my partner's Bright cosplay. Looking forward to this!
Hello Fanime Forums!
We just posted our thoughts on Fanime '19 on our podcast. Give it a listen while you do stuff and things:
Looking forward to this one again.
Maybe I'll wear Lady Oscar this time...
Happy Throwback Tuesday!
I mean, I am posting on a forum after all! ^_^;

After a six year absence, we have returned to Fanime. You can read our report here:
I'm very happy that this meet up exists. I'll be going as Fujiko Mine from Lupin III.

Y'all can stop calling me Black Widow! XD
I'm planning on bringing my Sailor Princess Leia.
I'm going as Maika and my partner will be going at Aki.
Going back and forth if I should bring Magnolia (easy peasy) or Piper (ugh, leather jacket + may though)
I have way too many choices...Kongou, Graf, Shokaku,
I'm totally fine with Friday.
I'll be wearing my dapper rendition of Big Boss. Can't wait!
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Winter Fanime.
March 31, 2014, 11:13:39 AM
technically, fanime already has two cons - main Fanime and Clockwork Alchemy. Plus, the Bay Area has a ton of events in the winter like Animation on Display...
Video Programming / Re: 2013 FMV Contest Line Up!
May 28, 2013, 05:45:36 AM
So, when do the winners get posted up? =p
Quote from: Dany on November 03, 2012, 06:01:14 PM
Removing the Asian Only rule will not change the use of tired memes, rap battles, or other overdone will just change the characters that use them. And while yes, there are tons of different cosplayers doing cosplay from a variety of sources...and by all means it is welcomed. But the event has a theme that is linked to Anime, manga, and many other Asian things, and it may not be the decision of the Masquerade director to adjust the competition to stray from that theme. Not saying it cannot happen, but just putting it out there for discussion.


If it's masquerade, it's their rules. Some anime conventions have walk ons for non-anime cosplays. While, yes...Homestuck, MLP, Marvel, DC, etc are getting popular, traditionally, masquerades are generally the theme of the con - in Fanime's case Japanese anime. It only seems fair enough.

Yet, no one stopped anyone from doing MLP, Homestuck, Doctor Who, etc for hall cosplay, right? I sometimes wish cons would make this rule a bit clearer. Like, on the Anime Boston website, they clearly state that it's preferred to have anime / video / Asian cosplay to be in events like masquerade, cosplay chess, cosplay murder mystery, etc. Yet, they still welcome non-Asian things and do randomly award any costume in the hall if it looks cool - Asian origin or not. Fair enough, I say.
Hey guys!
I won't be at Fanime this year, but I do love this convention dearly. I've attended this con for almost 10 years. I do hope one day to return..

I recently posted an editorial on encouraging conventions on how it is important to make everyone feel safe and have a reporting system (know who to contact) and encouraging enforcing disciplinary action against perpetrators.

Link here:

I thought I'd open up the floor on how staff can keep Fanime attendees safe and have a way to report / punish people who do harassment.
That would be Jared, he can be reached at jared @ He looks forward to your feedback.

(Though I have Type Moon-ish icon, I'm a lady. ^^)

I actually stayed shorter than I usually did because I had to pick up the award and return to my hotel. I wish I could have stayed longer. I do like the new venue and maybe it was the timing of the time that I arrived when people were doing demos and mixers.

- Victoria
Though this is more of a convention report, I do have a mega gallery of lots of cosplay photos:
I actually took a ton of shots from this gathering. If you peruse through the gallery, you can fine pics of the TokuxSentai gathering:
I'm hoping I posted this in the correct forum.

Here's our convention report!