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The only thing I found a huge let down was the lack of industry related booths. I miss the Wheel of Gaia.
I saw a few of them at the info desk on the hilton side. I didn't get to see them until the last day of Fanime. The one that I was interested in reading was the masquerade winner line up. I think it would be nice to also include the series that they were cosplaying from other than the group name / number. It would give us a better message as to who won.

I also read about the Fanime mascot cosplayers. A larger, maybe medium sized, image would probably been better. After all, these characters represent Fanime. A compare shot would have been pretty spiffy as well.

Big Event Showcase / Re: B&W Ball complaint
May 28, 2008, 04:27:21 PM
I'm gonna put in my two cents how I think this BW Ball issue can be solved only because it really worked at Anime Central.

Anime Central has pre-sale tickets for their "Masquerade Charity Ball." The ticket sales go to charity and cover any cost for the hotel useage and beverages. We were able to get water after those fast paced songs! The ones that pay usually care about dressing in their best and it would weed out any, for lack of a better term, goofballs.

The pre-sale ticket for ACen's event were $10. $20 at the door. $25 for non-ACen attendees. Even Industry and Press had to pay for their own ticket. Not that we didn't mind since this was all for a good cause.

Yes, the floor needs to be bigger. I've done professional dancesport and that floor space was not enough. I'd like to have more waltzes and slower songs. While this was one of the better ballroom dances at conventions I've been too, I'd still like this event to reach it's full potential. I will say that all the anime con ballroom dances I went to blew all my high school formal dances out of the water in terms of music.

Just an idea. ^.~

If anyone is coming to Anime Expo, my partner and I teach at their ballroom classes.
Will be Dawn at the Sunday gathering.

Just had to get another Dawn hat since I lost my first one.
Yay! A friend of mine bought a really spiffy obi from them last year.

Usually, the swap meet has people selling off costumes.

Hm...I've noticed that more and more dealers  are selling full costumes. ACen and Fanime are about the same size. It's really funny. If I were new to cosplay, I could buy full on Bleach shinigami robes there! Luckily, I already have one.

The artist alley also sells some nice lolita accessories. I bought three skirts and a few headbands last year.
ACK!!!!  Can't find for my Dawn hat!!! x.x

I had to order a new one yesterday and have it shipped to my bf's place in San Jose. Hopefully, it will get there this week. Luckily, we're commuting from his house and to the convention.
I will be dressed up as Haruhi, but only on Saturday evening when watching the masquerade. My group and I will be hosting the ladies - Jersey style!
All I can say is I'm glad Fanime is enforcing a dress code for the ballroom dance. It just makes everything look nicer. ^^

I was at ACen's ballroom dance last week. Everyone present was dressed to impress. It was lovely.
There's usually at least one dealer selling costume related paraphenelia. Last year, there was a booth that sold kimonos. I know this year, there's going to be a dealer that sells EGL clothes. I've seen their stuff at ACen and PMX. Nice prices, if $50 to $100 is in your range for decent Lolita stuff.
Hope this fits in here since this forum is all about sharing creativity!

So, I've been producing this new Internet radio show called Geek FM. It's the brainchild of a Fanime Stage Zero alumni. Yes, he's hosting this new anime  / popular arts themed podcast. The first three shows are up here:

We're only just beginning. Any feedback is encouraged! (geekfmradio @
We're still looking for sponsors. Let me know if you would know anyone interested.
Roberta is done! Yay! Just got the crucifix and the wig.

Now to polish up Lorraine McFly for the ballroom dance.
Just need to sew in two zippers and hem a few things.

Then I'll be all set. ^^
I'd love to join, but would anyone recognize the Angela Lansbury version of Ms. Lovett? lol

The movie was great, but I'd like to see more ST cosplayers take on the original theatrical (Tony Award Winning!) costumes.
I'll be a Hinamori!

with an Aizen and Ichimaru in tow.
Really looking forward to this event again. Though I'll have to skip out on masquerade this year, I still continue to support ballroom dances at anime conventions. ^^

I'll see what mp3s I can send over to ya.
I still got my Black Lagoon Roberta to work on.
I think the best way to counteract with capacity issues is to enforce the dress code. It worked for Anime Central's ballroom dance.
I loved it!

Please bring this event back again for 2008 and future Fanime's! XD
Ooh...I'm so gonna whoop out Eva Friedel.
Hey hey!

This is Victoria of Traveling Valentine. Tom and I made another Fanime video. This time, it's not a music video. It's our dolls doing their own video report on Fanime. Enjoy!