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This was my first time competing in Fanime Con masquerade. I wish I stuck around for the awards, but black and white ball was happening at the same time. Thanks to everyone for putting on an awesome show.

And muchos gracias to Marissa for all her hard work through the years. I remember when you approached me to do the Cosplay Spectacular video in 2006 as one of my first editing projects to ever be displayed. For many years, I've been in the audience watching the show and it was an honor to be performing alongside plenty of creative and talented cosplayers. It was a good show this year! I was thoroughly impressed by everything.
Quote from: Pyrefly on May 29, 2012, 11:11:37 AM

The staff photographer "in charge" of official cosplay gatherings... was extremely unpleasant to work with. He started off by telling us he was not at all familiar with our series so we should suggest poses, yet then went on to boss us around in a not-very-nice tone in poses and formations that didn't at all match our characters or what we were trying to do. Please let the cosplayers pose themselves unless they specifically ask for help.

I asked this guy to take photos of the Sailor Moon gathering with my camera and he nearly walked away with my camera. Luckily, I was able to find him and get my camera back before he went off. Hopefully, this was a misunderstanding.
Quote from: camivette on May 28, 2012, 02:50:48 PM
Sailor Moon! There was a panel and a marathon this year, which I really enjoyed.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the Sailor Moon panel! <3

The Good
+ Glad all of my panels were a success!
+ Lots of awesome cosplayers
+ I love the San Jose Convention Center venue
+ Easy check in for press / industry (one of my press people ended up with an industry badge? huh?)
+ Masquerade went really smooth and I'm glad it went well
+ I went to a few good panels this year. Yay!
+ Lots of fun stuff at stage zero - game show, fireside chat, angel hearts, etc
+ Maid cafe always delivers. Black forest cake for the win!
+ I love the Fairmont hotel! Nice place to wind down...and take photoshoots
+ Flying Hands massage...oh yeah! XD

The Bad
+ Please publish the schedule a week before con.
+ None of the guests really caught my eye. However, I was much more excited for the TGWTG crew.
+ More of a suggestion - for panel check in, can we phone or text check in? We were trying to get out of the hotel on Monday for checkout so we can make the 10AM panel.
+ I'm not a fan of the "mixer" style dances at the ballroom dance - switching off partners mid-song got annoying
+ In addition, keep the number of exhibitionists down at the ballroom dance. I go to the dance to dance. Save exhibitionists for something like stage zero or any other event.
Onigiri - yes!

Anything healthy that involves rice, I'll eat!
I thought I'd post this in since we're umpteen days into the con. I do know that Jew Wario and the Pyscho Otaku crew usually hit up Fanime. I know I've seen several posts wanting to see Channel Awesome represented at Fanime. I think it's about time a West Coast con should have people from this well known site as guests. Lots of MidWest and East Coast cons have members of Channel Awesome as guests.

Jew Wario, Psycho Otaku, and Psycho Neko do have much to do with Fanime's mission statement. They are fans creating fan videos for fans. Much of their material appeals to Fanime's main target audience - import games, super sentai, and everything anime. Last year, when they did their panel, they were mobbed by Channel Awesome fans.

I would kindly request Fanime Con 2012 make these dedicated fans guests of honor - their contribution to the anime / J-pop culture community is worthy enough to be guests.
That's the one I'm finishing up now. It looks a bit different from what I originally posted. I dropped the draping a little bit more and I bedazzles jewels on it. I just styled the wig for Azusa's short hair variation. All I have to do now is to adjust the underskirt (whoops...lost some weight!) and make the pendant for the necklace. I'm probably going to wear this version on Monday. I'm leaning towards wearing Do Dai for the gathering.

Why is this fandom so addicting?!
Moon Prism Poptarts is a nostalgia panel for those of us who grew up watching Sailor Moon in the mid-90s on UPN. This is for those of us who grew up watching the dub and then discovering the wonderful world of Japanese animation through it.

Whether you love or hate the dub, the North American version has had its moments. This panel is a history of the domestication of Sailor Moon and a listing of all censorship, changes, and fan reaction. This panel will also show clips from the North American dub (both DIC and Cloverway) of many infamous moments.

This panel was made to look back at childhood and to enjoy nostalgia with likeminded moonies. So bring your strawberry poptarts and Sailor Moon cosplay and make some time in your schedule to check us out!

Facebook Event:
As someone who has covered Fanime Con for the past couple of years, this also concerns me too. Usually, by this time, we would hear of domestic / stateside guests.

Please keep us posted, Fanime!
I had a blast at last year's Sailor Moon gathering. I was the human Luna last year. I'll be going as Sailor Pluto this year.
As con gets closer, I do have three completed Idolm@ster costumes ready.


Second (WIP)

Third (WIP)

I think I'll bring all three to con. I'm not quite sure which one I'll wear to the gathering.
Checking in as Asuza! The more I watch this show, I more I realize I'm so much like her...0_0
As editor-in-chief of Scarlet Rhapsody, the Fanime Con 2011 report is finally complete. Last year, we went with a "Rent" theme, and now we're going for a "Grease" theme for the report. The song "We Go Together" fits the overall atmosphere and our experience this year. We have photos, videos, and an overall account of the convention. In addition, we also have two comprehensive final reviews / feedback about the con.


And now to work on BotCon and E3 reports!
I would love to see the 2010 and 2009 set list. I remember really liking the music for both of those years.

This was definitely one of the better cosplay photoshoots that I have attended. This was one of my highlights at Fanime Con. I was really happy to rock human Luna and meet Tohru Furuya on the same day. This was one not to be missed. I'll post photos of the gathering once my report is up. I think I'll wear my Mistress Nine next year. We need to represent more villains!

If anyone is looking for me on Facebook, you can check out my Facebook page:

Let's do this again next year!
Panels and Workshops / Moon Prism Poptarts Feedback
June 02, 2011, 03:37:12 PM
If you showed up for this panel, I would love to hear your input! This was a last minute addition to the schedule and I'm very glad people showed up for it!

We are planning to have this back for Fanime 2012. We are thinking about submitting this to Anime Expo.

Things to Add For Next Time
+ Clips of Sailor Moon S (references to cousins...hehe)
+ Clips of Sailor Moon R (lots of really bad writing in the alien arc

Any requests for any other awesomely bad moments in the DiC / English dub?

What to Do For the Future
+ Edit down certain clips so I don't have to cursor through them

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Quote from: nemuneko on June 02, 2011, 12:41:00 AM
WOWOWTF?! Filipino Cinema: My boyfriend and I REALLY wanted to see this (my boyfriend being Filipino and a fan of bad movies), but we went to the room at the scheduled times on Friday and Saturday and nobody was there except a few people. We waited around and nobody came. I'm guessing they never showed up? Can someone confirm this?

I ran the WOWOWTF panel this year. We were told we were scheduled in for Saturday evening. In addition, we also were given Video Main. We were there at the scheduled time on Saturday (7PM to 9PM). Unfortunately, the set up for the room was different from the panel room. We had to the panel from the back of the room. The projector did not sync with what was on my laptop. I would have preferred the panel be in a room like Panels 3 where I could be at a table and sit with my partner. My partner had to sit in the aisle to use the microphone. I had to sit in the back to handle the media.

There was a logistics problem with WOWOWTF. I was hoping it would have had a better reception and audience (we were packed at PMX). Next year, we would request a normal panel room, an announcement at stage zero, and not to be at the same time as the FLOW concert.

I apologize if you could not find the panel. I'll try and bring it back for next year. There is interest in bringing it back in 2012. Hopefully by then, we can have a better set up and the schedule being consistent and readily available to all attendees.
Alfred asked me to rank the ballroom dances through the years. I've been going since the very beginning. This is how I see it.

1. Fanime 2010 - great demos, nice atmosphere, lots of room on the dance floor, great mix of different genres of dance, awesome music selection, nice balance between otaku prom and a PEERs-esque ball
Brad DeMoss wrote on his Facebook, "The Black & White Ball is now officially THE reason to attend FanimeCon!"

2. Fanime 2009 -  great demos, nice atmosphere, spacious dance floor, people had issues with the dance floor, music selection was nice (save for metal macarena...a few seemed less romantic and out of place)

3. Fanime 2011 - So-so set list, small room, nice decor, dress code enforced, lots of water, dance lessons, felt more like a junior high dance than a ball (assume the high school position!)

4. Fanime 2007 - Conga lines, nice set list, dark room, kept crashing into the conga line

5. Fanime 2008 - No water, dark room, not much of an enforcement, long line to get in, smells like teen fanboy, zombie macarena still gives me nightmares

Someone mentioned something about shoes for the ladies. I don't know if this is worth suggesting, but is there a way we can discourage girls from wearing super stilettos? I got heeled during the dance and when high heel meets foot, it hurts like hell. Just wanted to add that in to prevent and accidents.
I really liked this year's maid cafe. The girls were very friendly and were fun to socialize with. I always loved the atmosphere of the cafe; very relaxed. The food selection was pretty spiffy. I didn't mind the prices. I was unsure if I could request another fill of hot water for my tea. The care keeps getting better and better every year. Even the food was pretty good. I was joking around with our maid (Michi) that I should donate some of my old board games to the cafe (ie: Guess Who, Candyland, etc). I liked how each of the girls have their only personalized maid outfit, but everyone still looked uniformed.

Great job, maids!

My only disappointed was I did not get to wear Akiha (Melty Blood) to the cafe. Maybe next year.
I have a few words about this year's Black and White Ball. I always look forward to any anime convention that has a ballroom dance going on. Most (west coast) anime conventions tend to be hit or miss in this area. For many years, Fanime has been on the "hits." This year was a disappointment. It was certainly not the worst.

The Hits
+ Atmosphere - tables, decoration, etc
+ Everyone was dressed very lovely. Thanks for enforcing the dress code. I was very happy this also applied to press attending the dance. (at Anime Vegas, we had press people come in flip flops and shorts, very happy that the rules at Fanime applied to everyone)
+ I did like some of the songs - Sinatra, Belafonte, etc.
+ Lots of water!
+ Safe area to store personal belongings

The Misses
+ Rovers being very rude to the press. In the past, press was allowed to surpass the line to take photos of the dance and get coverage. I'm not asking for a royal red carpet, but as a member of the press, I would like to get a thorough story and review of the actual event, not a story about waiting in line to get in. Thankfully, Brain Age Guy allowed us in.
+ Small dance floor. We had to cut our time short by an hour (11PM) to rush back to our room because of an accident. Someone had accidentally dug their heels on my foot leaving a scar and bruise. Please get a bigger room for 2012. People were accidentally running into each other.
+ Music selection. This seems to have a love / hate vibe. I loved the music from last year. There are certain top 40 songs you can certainly dance too (yes, we were waiting for a Rickroll - easy East Coast Swing right there!), but for the most part, a good majority of them felt like slow dances you'd hear at a middle school dance.
+ Too many demonstrations. I love watching the demos, but I thought there was too much of it this year. To me, it just disrupts the flow.

I've always like anime con ballroom dances where they are somewhere between a high school prom and a formal ballroom dance (ie: Gaskell, Peers, Dick Fest, etc....shame that the ONLY event we have in LA is Jareth's). Nothing too corny and nothing too structured (ie: not everyone is familiar with the line of dance). My favorites were the balls that had a happy medium of both. Fanime was able to pull this off very well in previous years.

I am confident that Fanime's Black and White Ball can be back to it's former glory. Let's get a bigger and better dance floor next year.