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I cosplayed as Kenshin this year, and only to find more Rurouni Kenshin cosplayers around (who didn't officially do a gathering). Such a waste! I wouldn't mind doing Rurouni Kenshin again next year in 2017. Any old school late 90s era anime fan around here who watched/read the Rurouni Kenshin series? Let's do a formal gathering next year!
Who wants to do a mega fighters and martial arts themed gathering this Fanime? I think it will be a great idea to get together, have dream crossovers from other universes get together and do photos together, chat about nerdy stuff, or even take photos/videos of us doing cool martial arts related stuff. Maybe even some sparring for some hardcore martial artist enthusiasts!! Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Yuyu Hakusho, Bento, Prison School, Hokuto No Ken, Tenjou Tenge, Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens), Ben-To, Tabboo Tattoo, DBZ, Naruto, One Punch Man, Inuyasha, One Piece, Shenmue, etc! all of it!!

If anyone is interested let's please get this organized together and contribute some cool ideas and set a plan!
Hello, I noticed every year that the Fanime weekend starts sort of abruptly and Fanime staff does not formally welcome its guests. I thought to myself, it would be so cool if we had some sort of parade or formal introduction welcoming on Day 1 (Friday) at like 3-5 PM.

What it would look like is to have all the attendees and cosplayers line up to the left and right, and split right down the middle is a red carpet or something, and walking down the red carpet can be special guests, staff, and Fanime emcee's on a microphone warmly welcoming everyone. With classical Final Fantasy music in the background, it would really unite us all in a geeky but fun way. Music like the Final Fantasy Main Theme would really hit our heart strings! (Link: )

Just a suggestion, but it would be so cool imo if we had something like that.
I've been a Fanime attendee for over 7-8 years now, and every year I feel like all I do is just walk around, take photos, look at other cosplayers, look around in the same halls over and over, experience the "rave" scene, walk around more, and perhaps watch some anime or do some other things, like karaoke and that's it.

Seriously what else is there to do at Fanime? I've somewhat done a little bit of everything throughout the years, but still finding myself quite bored at times. What's the really fun stuff in your opinion? Any ideas?
This thread is dedicated to cosplayers who got their pictures taken and were wondering how the pictures turned out as photographers took their snapshot.

I'm kinda embarrassed to ask for my photos, because this year I was intentionally not supposed to cosplay, so I kinda half assed it.

But just in case other people who want it... this thread is dedicated to you

edit: IT appears that there is another thread like this, although, it seems to be in the wrong category.,16361.0.html

but the real thread is here.
Ok so, I have been going to FAnime for about 4 years. I started back in 2006.

What I noticed, was that I am spending a lot of time by myself and doing my own thing all those years

I would see groups and masses of people hanging out, and I would ponder to myself "How did they all become friends?"

So I'm basically a loner dude who is looking to make some new friends.

Like, talk to me about your experiences and how you developed a network of friends through the convention. (I have none)

Do you go to certain gatherings?
Do you go to certain events?
Do you just walk up to people and randomly talk to them? (lol this is considered creepy right?)

I mean, there is events like Speed Dating and I think I'm gonna try that too just to make some new friends
but I want would like to know if there are more events like this, where you can meet new people intentionally and make new friends.

sorry, my network of friends in the anime world is very low
I don't know why but I felt like this year was very bland or not interesting. Who else agrees?

I mean, there were still nice cosplays and stuff, but aside from that I have not seen much new and interesting things.

- I saw more cheap cosplayers than good cosplayers. I think the only good cosplayers were the Teen Titan ones and this other Black Rock Shooter girl.

- Too much Gothic Lolita cosplayers instead of actual anime cosplayers

- The Black & White Ball's music this year was sorta crappy, and not even loud enough for an energetic dance.

- FAnimeCon 2010 seemed so empty compared to last year too. I have a feeling last year had twice as much people as this year, and a lot more cosplayers who were very good as well.

I dunno, it seemed kinda disappointing to me this year as I found nothing much to be surprising. anyone else feel this way?
Hey, I'm a CvS2 player, and last year I found some pretty good folks who played. I started playing a lot since then, and I'd love to meet up some challengers and appoint a meeting just like how I did on Shoryuken.Com forums. Is anyone interested? I'll be dressed a vietnamese guy dressed in Vampire Knight (and red streaks of hair) or Organization XIII with an Oblivion keyblade.
Hey, I'm dressing up in my night uniform costume from the Vampire Knight anime/manga. Would be cool to meet up on a certain day and time, so we could all take pictures or something. Anybody interested? Let me know.