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Staff & Volunteers / Invite to Staff Forums?
March 21, 2015, 09:13:49 PM
I am Stephanie Rohrer / NetBelleAnie of Con Ops and I was told that I could be invited to the staff forms, however I am not sure where they are.  Could someone please help?
I had discussed with other members of Con Ops about the use of a department or sub-section of the site for general information for those of us with Disabilities.  I use an electric mobility scooter because of knee pain, and I know I am not the only one wandering around con having many issues because of my disability: elevator right-of-way, line access, etc.  Going up to booths in Dealer's and Artist Alley is always a joyful event since people pile around and usually don't listen to people saying "excuse me can I please get through".  For example: when people were leaving the Fairmont after a large panel, I had to wait about 20 minutes just to use the elevator to go down one floor because no one would leave the elevator and walk down one set of stairs, and that was only after begging some people to get out of the elevator.  If we had one staffer there at the elevators to remind attendees to be mindful of those of us who physically cannot use stairs, it would be most helpful.   Also rerouting some lines to make them handicapped accessible would make things run smoother, since waiting in an hour line for an event like Swap Meet then being told at the door to take more time to go around and find a ramp isn't fair. since it makes the disabled wait time even longer.
As a Staffer, I think we should come up with a Disability access sheet, maybe even having some Rovers trained to assist at elevators, walkways, etc.  While some people won't want the extra help, those of use who do would be greatly appreciative.
Hotel and Facilities / Complaints for housing
February 10, 2014, 08:34:27 PM
Well, I'm starting this thread because even if I am joining staff this year, as someone who loves going to Fanime but needs to visit their hotel room frequently due to health issues, I will complain.
The hotel registration system is absolutely ridiculous.  I was online from 9:30 to 11:30 and in that time frame, at 10:00 I went to register and was repeatedly given errors and "Service Unavailable".  I would get to the page and enter my payment information, and then receive another "Service Unavailable".  I tried the phone number about 50 times with a busy signal every call.  This repeated the entire time I was on the website until I finally got the message of there being no more rooms available for the time I was planning on being at the con.  At this point I had to leave for various appointments throughout the day.  I finally returned home and found that, while the website is now working just fine, there are no more rooms left.
This is a huge problem for me as a both staff and a guest as I need to be in one of the hotels closest to the convention center due to needing to take medications and using my mobility scooter.  Because I would almost never be able to use the elevators in the Hilton or Marriott, I usually would choose the Sainte Claire due to it only having 5 or so floors, and thus less traffic to compete for the elevators.
I know I am not the only one here attending (or staffing at) Fanime who has certain health issues that makes it so one cannot stay at a hotel further away, either for staff housing or regular attendees.  I need my significant other in the room with me to help me with my health issues, so going for staff housing isn't an option (as he is not joining staff).  Now checking and calling the hotels individually isn't working, as they are all booked as well. 
So as I sit on a waiting list, I figured I should post this complaint.  I'm not asking for special treatment, but it just makes me sad that the housing website isn't capable of having the vast quantity of people use it at once. The fact that I tried my best to get a room and could not is frustrating.
Hotel and Facilities / 1 hour 25 minutes later...
February 06, 2012, 01:24:51 PM
1 hour 25 minutes later and the Hilton and Marriott are BOTH sold out?  What about those of us with disabilities that need us to be in those hotels, or must we fend for themselves?
I'm disappointed, Fanime.
I know that there will be people wanting to do it, so who's game?

I'd think doing it on the Friday would be best when everyone is fresh and energetic, in the afternoon around 4 maybe.
I'll be Yoko, once again. And I'll leave the honor of collecting names to someone who is more dedicated than I.... :D