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Hopefully a gathering will happen this year  :'(
>|||A|||< um... i hope you don't mind another Fem! Rei being there. I would love to join in with you guys if I can.
Hai hai~ I'll be going there as a banette~ >^<
I'd like to be a part of the gathering as well. /if possible/ ;3; I'm also going as Rize this coming up Fanime.
I was there Sat. & Sun. As Genderbent Rei Ryugazaki and Misty Sunday morning!!

Rei Ryugazaki - Free!

Misty - Pokemon

Is this gathering still going on? I'm kinda curious.
Hueh hueh hueh~ I'll be going as You know whom and Touko Fukawa. :)
I will most likely be there! Can't wait to see you all.
I'll be doing the my own genderbent version of Rei Ryugazaki. Derp.
Well um I did a blood moon akali cosplay. Rather
Decent though.
Shes from league of legends and I wore the cosplay on that saturday.
Heres a few of me:

Character Reference:

Well I've gotten blood moon akali ;3; though its an okay cosplay since its my first time making almost a full cosplay. It's so amature. ;v;

I'm still working on how to do bishi makeup & such. ;A;
What do you think?

Incredible Stuff I can Make / Re: DeviantArt
May 15, 2013, 10:12:44 PM
Im more of a ms paint person when Im too lazy to color in rl.
Quote from: Kecreed on May 15, 2013, 08:16:00 PM
Cool Wallet! It looks very nice and definitely useful. I would have never known where to begin if I tried making my own.

Yeah thanks ^^ It lasts extremely long as well. >w> It was difficult to begin doing but as I got used to it everything was so easy.

Raito was my second perler bead artwork that I've ever made.(I made Banette first) I began this week with this new project.

For Raito I DID NOT use a template. I had to think it out.

My wallet. Gosh that was quite nice to make. >-> I began making wallets in the beginning of this year.
What do you think?
*I do not own the images I used so Saiko gives credit to creators of Diabolik Lovers Rejet*