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Depending on the day and time I might be there as Rook from Twisted Wonderland! :)
It's a gathering for all Final Fantasy games, main ones and the spin-offs!

Just have the photo order for games 1-16, and then do the spin-offs! ^^ Shouldn't be too hard! You can see the photo order from 2022 in the first post if you didn't read it! :)
Quote from: Kite on March 03, 2023, 09:58:27 PMWith your blessing, I'm willing to run it then.
Please feel free! :)
I will, but I will not be hosting it at all. ^^ I will be just a regular attendee of the gathering and will in no way be in charge. :)
Hey everyone! Just a heads up that I am not going to be hosting this gathering again this year(hosting large gatherings is not my thing D: ), so if you're interested in taking over, feel free to do so! Thank you for understanding!
Will bring back Rengoku, but may be a different version. Haven't decided yet. ._.
Hopefully I'll be there as Rook! ^^
Looks alright, though I was rather used to the old look. ^^"

Also when I make a post, it automatically goes back to the forums section and doesn't just stay on the current thread. :/
I apologize for the lack of posts in here, but to those who came to the gathering, thank you so much! Hope you guys had a great time as I did!

I know the gathering was fairly small, so I'm not entirely sure if I will bring it back. I do remember seeing a fair number of Inuyasha cosplayers during the con, but only a select few showed up. Perhaps it was because of the location, and thus I will consider a spot that's at the convention itself, perhaps then more people will show up. ^^;
Quote from: InsaneDavid on June 10, 2022, 09:03:12 PM
Quote from: Angelx624 on June 08, 2022, 09:28:53 PM
I had a lot of fun at the gathering!! <3 This gathering has always been one of my favorites to attend.

Can't wait for next year's! And glad we don't have to wait three years til the next one! xD

Thank you so much for attending!!  I hope your Inuyasha gathering went well! ^_^

You're welcome! And it did, though it was kinda small.
I had a lot of fun at the gathering!! <3 This gathering has always been one of my favorites to attend.

Can't wait for next year's! And glad we don't have to wait three years til the next one! xD
The staff did such an amazing job and I want them to know how much I appreciate their hard work this past weekend. Especially since a bunch of staff quit the last minute. Really hoping next year they have more on board to staff!
The con is next week, guys! ^^ Can't wait to see everyone!!

Remember that the gathering is off site and not at the convention itself! If anyone needs help finding it just ask!
Bumping this up! One week til the con! :D
Have fun at the gathering you guys! I would show up as Honoka but I'm gonna be at the Ghibli gathering which is at the same time. ;w;
Date and time are confirmed!
Depending on the day I will be there as Rengoku! <3

Saturday would be best for me ^^
Quote from: POOTERS on April 09, 2022, 03:30:10 PM
can characters from other Square/Square Enix games come? Like Star Ocean? Or only FF.
This is a Final Fantasy exclusive gathering ;w; but if you want to request non-FF characters at the end you can
Still waiting for a date and time to be confirmed, but aiming for Sunday in the afternoon!

Hey everyone! So the original hosts of this gathering are unable to attend this year and have passed the gathering onto me. So I will more or less be hosting it this year. So without further ado, welcome to the thread for the Final Fantasy gathering!

Side Note: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Date: Sunday
Time: 4pm
Location: G7

Number of Attendees: 1

(List of characters/attendees coming soon!)

Gathering Photo Order:
Group shot
Classic FF(FF I - VI )
FF VII(including Crisis Core, Advent Children, Remake, etc.)
FF XVI(if any)
Other FF games(Crystal Chronicles, Strangers of Paradise, etc.)
Final group shot