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µ's...music START!!

I've been wanting to host a Love Live gathering for way too long now. Whether you got into the series through the music, the PVs, the anime, or School Idol Festival, whether through µ's or Aqours, let us gather and spread our love of school idols! I am actually hoping to set up the gathering on Sunday (May 28 2017) this time due to gathering plans I have for Saturday. I am also hoping to set aside time after the photoshoot for some ice breakers. I will also be taking along my iPod so everyone can sing, dance, and chant along to their favorite µ's and Aqours songs!

RSVP here or on Facebook ASAP so I have a good idea on who's attending and be sure to spread the word. The date, time, and location are tentative and are subject to change as needed, but this is what I am hoping for so far:

Date: TBD (hopefully Sunday May 28)
Time: TBD (hopefully 1:00 or 2:00)
Location: TBD, hopefully the Fallout Zone, where last year's gathering was held

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/352130331791494/

Confirmed cosplayers so far: TBD

I'll be there as angelic angel nozo, hopefully lots of people come!

we can all dance to sunny day song together ♡

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