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You canot blame fanime staff for being this disorganized, they had this planned out but they thought the pandemic wouldn't be this of an issue until it happens. By the time May happens, MAny people did lost their jobs (And their homes)
So I can feel and share their pain!

Oh I can blame them and I will.

If you read this thread I already said they told us last year there would be an update in the fall.
If they knew the first thing about PR and have no idea what is going to happen just say there is no announcement at this time because things with covid are changing month by month.

But no they decided not to do that and delete threads asking for an update of some kind in December.

Completely unprofessional.
Not even one thing said let alone an apology
If they can delete threads they sure can respond to them.

But then again by now this point is moot as we have some kind of an update.

Still rubbed me the wrong way as previously to this I never had anything bad to say about the convention in the last 10 or so years I have been going.

Yeah. Some people mentioned in the last thread they contacted and got denied refunds  :P

Saw that.

Pretty late to announce something that was so obvious huge failure to not communicate with people who paid early by at least saying we will announce something when we have a better idea.

Like I said I personally don't care about a refund but it is ridiculous to not offer it to people who need it as some people are still hurting for money at the moment.

Virtual cons just are not the same.
See you in 2022 (maybe) santa clara will be the last to reopen.

Im sure alot of people want refunds which I can see why with the lack of funds going around for everyone due to corona virus
But for me I don't care about the money its the lack of communication that is disrespectful.
I don't see how fanime can get away with acting like this to long time fans [ie the people who buy tickets in January] alot of big cons were forced to refund due to backlash if they tried to hold the money without an option to refund.

Its going to get to the point where someone is sick of this and goes to twitter or 7 on your side  ;) ;) :-X

Its because yall refuse to say even one word about this its been 9 months since your last news post.

Completely Disrespectful.
Thats how I felt before yall even deleted the thread which makes you Completely Disgusting in terms of PR.

You made the promise to communicate in the fall of last year.

Well? Get on with it.

Alright. So this was posted in the news section last year

"Those that have pre-registered for FanimeCon will have their tickets automatically deferred to 2021. A confirmation for FanimeCon 2021 will be sent out prior to the launch date, in Fall of 2020."

People complained about no info coming out plus no one has gotten any refunds .
Yet for some reason that thread seems to be missing on the forums like the mods deleted it or something hummm weird.

Might be a better idea to have a discussion with your customers since you promised updates instead of just deleting the thread.

Its been a full year since you have gotten peoples money.
Its time for an answer.

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