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Really hoping I can get my full Ranni cosplay done in time for fanime, I'd love to attend this gathering! (If not, I think my backup is a spoof cosplay of Ranni as a Sailor Moon sailor scout lol)
Went last year and had a blast! (I was one of the million Sophie cosplayers haha) Depending what day this ends up being, I'm hoping to be ballroom Haru from The Cat Returns!
Crossing my fingers that the other gatherings I'm planning on going to line up to be on different days; I'd love to be wearing Envy when this happens!
Super excited that this is being planned for next year, I can't wait! I've been telling all my local friends who like LO to check out the event already haha
Anyone planning on cosplaying as a character from The Dragon Prince? I'll be going as Rayla this year and was wondering if I'm going to see other The Dragon Prince cosplayers?

Who knows, if there's enough of us, we can see if we want to have a gathering! Happy cosplaying! :)