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Hey all! I'm hoping to put together an unofficial Lore Olympus at fanime this year to meet up, get some food and drinks at the Signia hotel bar area, and have time for some photo ops in a great classy hotel setting! Here's a link to the Facebook event I set up:

Day held: Friday
Time of day: TBA based on availability!
Place: Signia hotel Aji Bar in the lobby (we can meet up in the park beforehand though!)

Since this is an unofficial gathering, the specific day is already set! Apologies in advance, I can't change the specific day since Friday is the only day I am available to host a Lore Olympus event since I have other cosplay commitments on Saturday and Sunday! (But the specific time of day is flexible at the moment!) And if anyone is interested in hosting a separate official LO event or even a general Webtoons event, by all means go ahead, I'd love to try and attend if it works out to be on Friday as well!

As the Signia hotel bar serves alcohol, I ask that you are 21+ if you plan on drinking. It is an all-ages dining spot since they have non alcoholic options, so I cannot ask those under 21 not to come full out, but please be responsible and especially do not buy drinks for others if you do not know their age! Something else to note is to please seal body paint and/or wear arm socks; be respectful of hotel staff!

This is an unofficial and unstructured gathering, but that doesn't mean we can't take fun pictures together! There will definitely be time for group photos, or to find spots in the hotel that serve as wonderful backdrops for character portraits, ship pics, group pics, and more! We won't have any official photographers on hand so make sure to bring your phones or your own personal camera if you have one!

I'll update here and in the facebook event as time goes on, but please post in either place if you're interested in this event so I can gauge attendance or if you have any questions! You can also find me on instagram @persephonaae , thank you! <3
So excited for this gathering again, it was so wonderful meeting everyone last year! I'll be bringing an updated version of my Ranni costume from last year and my partner is hoping to get a Lucatiel cosplay together!
My partner and I will try our darndest to be there as Sophie and Howl! We'd only be able to make it on Saturday afternoon/evening since I will be competing in the Masquerade this year on Sunday, but in any case hope this gathering runs on any date, we had a blast last year and actually met because of this gathering, thank you for running it!
Really hoping I can get my full Ranni cosplay done in time for fanime, I'd love to attend this gathering! (If not, I think my backup is a spoof cosplay of Ranni as a Sailor Moon sailor scout lol)
Went last year and had a blast! (I was one of the million Sophie cosplayers haha) Depending what day this ends up being, I'm hoping to be ballroom Haru from The Cat Returns!
Crossing my fingers that the other gatherings I'm planning on going to line up to be on different days; I'd love to be wearing Envy when this happens!
Super excited that this is being planned for next year, I can't wait! I've been telling all my local friends who like LO to check out the event already haha
Anyone planning on cosplaying as a character from The Dragon Prince? I'll be going as Rayla this year and was wondering if I'm going to see other The Dragon Prince cosplayers?

Who knows, if there's enough of us, we can see if we want to have a gathering! Happy cosplaying! :)