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Just finished uploading all 400+ of this year's photos!  They're right here!  :D
Unless the person in question is someone who I know really well, glomps and hugs are out of the question as far as I'm concerned, even if the person's wearing a "glomp me" sign at the time.  I just don't feel comfortable at all being hugged (let alone glomped) by a total stranger or someone who I don't know all that well.

On the last day today, I did have this one guy come up to me asking for a hug.  He got a stinkeye instead, and I almost asked him "Do I even know you?", but the stinkeye got the message across loud and clear.
This year was definitely better.  It was better organized, and moving the artists over to their own room was a good idea in terms of flow-of-traffic (i.e. it was easier for people to get to where they were going).  Stage Zero was also a good idea and I'd like to see that remain a regular part of the con.  

Schedule layout and printing could've been better though.  Instead of cramming two pages of info into one page with an illegible typeface (was there a problem with fonts between the computer it was created on and the computer it was printed from?), it should've been a double-sided sheet for each day, one side with the day's morning schedule and the other side with the evening one.  

Tabletop gaming should get a bigger room as well.  That was way too small a room for that kind of thing, and I saw some of the gaming spill out onto other nearby areas as a result.
Nope, though Foothill was a participating club.  It actually started as a get-together of the area clubs over at CSU Hayward and eventually migrated to Foothill College for a few of the early years of the con.
Quote from: "ZJCitrusGraffiti"
Quote from: "Stormfalcon"I hope this clears things up somewhat. It's what I remember from reading a website analysis that is currently down.
What's the URL anyways? ^_^ I wanna check it out.

I had to do some searching on one of the web archival sites, but here's the archived link.  There's a lot to digest there, so sit back with a cup of coffee.  I generally hold more to the Truman Show theory then the site's author does, but at least he acknowledges the possibility.
Quote from: "ZJCitrusGraffiti"If that's true.... in that every 40 years, the "show" starts over [I mean it makes SOO MUCH SENSE to me too!!], then... well... the mind may work that way, but not the aging process...  What? Is Roger and Angel both aged more than 40yrs x #? of times the "show" stars over?? ....Unless, it's an alternate, way-in-the-future future that people don't show their "age" anymore.   That could be it.

That, I'm probably going to chalk up to the superscience prevalent in the show.  Considering that the science behind Paradigm City was enough to engineer a city-sized studio as well as androids, giant robots, and giant biological monsters, as well as cloning (for everyone else besides Roger, Angel, and presumably Gordon), I wouldn't put it beyond their tech level to be able to reverse aging to some extent as well.  Alternately, perhaps the scene showing an assembly line of Roger androids in the last episode may bear much more of an answer...
Quote from: "VictimX"That saddly makes sence in my little mind but why did the Big O's move by them selves, then what was with Gordon and the mentionings of tomatos?

Considering that there are androids in Paradigm City with fully functional AIs, it shouldn't be surprising that the Bigs also have some level of AI as well.  They certainly have enough to choose and/or reject their pilots.  The more time spent between pilot and Big, the more they imprint on each other and form a partnership, allowing the Big to act as needed at times.

As for the whole Tomatoes thing, that's a reference to cloning.  Yup, almost everyone in Paradigm City is a clone of some sort, and Gordon was in charge of that.  The only two characters (androids aside) that were declared not to be clones were Roger and Angel (and presumably Gordon as well, with him being in charge of the whole cloning project).  That does raise an interesting mystery, as to how Roger and Angel were able to avoid aging while everyone else got reset along with Paradigm City.
Think "Truman Show" on an infinite loop.  Essentially, Paradigm City is a giant city-sized set for a TV reality-type show called "Metropolis", starring Roger and directed by Angel.  No one in Paradigm City knows that they're part of a show and lives out life as normal (with the addition of giant robots as well as androids).  Unfortunately, Angel falls in love with Roger and puts herself in the show.  Things go further awry as things start happening that weren't in the script, so Angel (in the form of Big Venus) goes and wipes the slate clean, starting the cycle over again and wiping out the memories of everyone as the show gets another shot.  With each additional try, even with the changes to the script, things still go wrong and Angel hits the reset again.  And again.  And again.  Every forty years.  Things get complicated in that not all the memories get wiped out, and some people still retains pieces of memories from past runs of the show, and those various memories conflict with each other since each run of the show wound up ending differently.  Hence in one run of "Metropolis", Roger is a military officer, and another run features an army of Big Os and entire flights of Big Duos.

During one of those endless runs of "Metropolis", Gordon Rosewater hires Roger to negotiate with the director to normalize the whole situation and put an end to the endless loop nature of Paradigm City.  Of all the denizens of Paradigm City, only he and Michael Seebach/Schwartzwald had any idea of the truth behind their city and its mysteries (and that truth drove Seebach mad).  The story we see through most of Big O is the one where Roger finally achieves his objective of negotiating with Angel the director and arranging for one last run of "Metropolis", setting things right.

I hope this clears things up somewhat.  It's what I remember from reading a website analysis that is currently down.
Quote from: "tenba"
Quote from: "frumpy"
Quote from: "tenba"1998 ? Sheraton, Sunnyvale, CA, 1700
Correction: Foothill College

Oh!  Thank you!!  (That makes a whole lot more sense.)  I wonder why the Fanime 2002 booklet said the Sheraton then...?  (Or did I read that wrong?)

The con was at Foothill.  The hotel was the Sheraton.  As a result, there was a lot of travelling between hotel and con that year.
General Anime Chat / Final Fantasy XII
November 16, 2003, 09:42:02 AM
I think I'll ignore the Nomura clones this time around, since the director for this one is one who did FFTactics, FFTA, and Vagrant Story.  There's a sweet pedigree if I ever saw one.  Also, not only is there word that the races from FFTA will show up in this installment, we already see a Bangaa in that spread.  Now where are the Viera?!?!
General Anime Chat / Re: BayCon a Literary Convention?
September 17, 2003, 08:24:38 AM
Quote from: "Kevin Standlee"
Quote from: "Stormfalcon"BayCon is indeed a sci-fi/fantasy convention, but it's quite skewed towards the literary portions of that fandom.
I know this thread is rather old, but I had to quote and comment this one.

To significant portions of fandom, calling BayCon a convention "quite skewed toward literary fandom" is grounds for gales of laughter. Really.  I guess it all depends on your point of view.

In comparison to the other cons in the area (such as the late, lamented TimeCon), BayCon is seen as more of a literary con.  There's a lot more focus on writing and authors than on media such as TV and movies.  That's not to say that there is no focus on those media, but the perception is that the focus is more on literary sci-fi and fantasy, judging from the typical guest lists.
General Anime Chat / What Is BayCon???
July 02, 2003, 09:53:00 PM
Not quite.  While the SJCC does have a light rail stop right in front of it, the Doubletree Hotel (where BayCon is) is off of 1st St.  That means that you'd have a walk between the nearest light rail stop and the hotel.  Considering VTA's woes of late, I'm not even sure they'll be running the shuttle between light rail, the hotels/office parks, and the airport, particularly during a holiday weekend.
General Anime Chat / What Is BayCon???
June 30, 2003, 08:43:40 PM
BayCon is indeed a sci-fi/fantasy convention, but it's quite skewed towards the literary portions of that fandom.  However, they were also well-known for their anime screening rooms and one of their anime guides was published by Books Nippon for other fans across the country.  This was in the mid-to-late 80's (yes, BayCon has been around for that long).  

However, once AnimeCon and eventually AX came onto the scene starting in '91, anime fandom became an even smaller part of BayCon.  Anime fans went to the dedicated anime conventions that were slowly popping up, insteead of going to more general sci-fi/fantasy cons where they were in the minority.

BayCon has become an issue because for well over a decade-and-a-half, it has been held on Memorial Day weekend, and will share that weekend with FanimeCon next year.  While many don't see much of an overlap between the two fandoms anymore, there are still some fans and cosplayers who have their feet in both fandoms.  On top of that, it seems (according to reports by others) that several on the FanimeCon staff also works BayCon.  This is why there is a conflict for fans and staffers, and why the decision to move Fanime to Memorial Day weekend was something of a surprise.  True, most fans won't be affected, but there are some who will be.
Ideas and Suggestions / Chair
June 27, 2003, 08:14:34 AM
I believe the whole chair thing got prompted by either Mike or Brian telling the audience about the San Diego ComicCon Rock partway through Fanime 2K (or was it 1999?  I'll have to check through my picture archives to see what year the Boxes also made their appearance, since there were chants of "Box!" as well).  After the tale was told, the chair was left on stage as SKN related and it all started from there.
I tend to prefer subbed, but I appreciate a well-done dub as well.  Good thing that dubbing has been getting better over the years.  Not perfect, but better.