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This is a cosplay sword i made for someone who decided they didnt want it for fanime 09, and i've held onto it for a while.
it originally had a scabbard, but it got damaged in storage. sword is nodachi style/length, curved blade plywood with balsa and pine grips/guard. wrapped in dark blue ribbon with gold ad chrome paint. Meet in person to avoid shipping costs and possible scams.

I can also make other cosplay accessories, currently have an unfinished zangetsu- bankai version that i havent had a chance to work on in a while. if interested, email [email protected]
I'm going to start a Kenpachi Zaraki (bleach) cosplay, but i'm not sure about the best way to do the wig. i dont want to spend a lot of money and buy one, because the one's i've seen online dont look right, and i dont think they'd fit my head.

has anyone here ever made their own wigs, and have any advice? what would be the best way to make the spikes, and should i start with something like a beanie, or find a wig to modify?
Things in the Universe / Billy Mays died
June 28, 2009, 03:21:28 PM
I just heard about two hours ago, Billy Mays died. He was found unconcious in his Florida home by his wife.

more information here, at
What: L, Change The World

When: April 29th-subtitled version 7:30pm
or:      April 30th-Dubbed version  7:30pm

Where: Hayward Century 12
or:       Union City Century 25

I'd love to drum up more business for our theatre in Hayward, but union city has In and Out right by it. hayward has many other options.Restaurants near haward theatre.

who's interested?
SWORD OF THE STRANGER - Movie Night at Century/Cinemark Theatres

Who - Who's interested?

What - A movie night, a special showwing of Sword of the Stranger at various Cinemark/Century theatres

When - Feb 5, 2009, 7:30pm

okay, actual sentances.. Cinemark is going to be showing Sword of the Stranger at various locations on the fifth and i want to see it, who else does? I work at the theatre in Hayward, and asked one of our managers if we were going to be showing it sine we'd advertised it before movies and have a poster up for it. i didnt get a straight answer until i mentioned that i would post on this here fine and dandy message board inviting EVERYONE to come and see it. so.. can i tell him that there are a lot of people interested, and yes, he should try to bring it to hayward? there's ample parking and a lot of fast food places to go to in the area before/after the show.. or you could help support our theatre and buy lots of snacks there!

edit... we wont have it in hayward, but Union City has it!
Things in the Universe / Legend of Zelda movie
April 01, 2008, 08:21:56 PM
Has anyone else heard about this yet? i saw the link to the trailer on gaia, and watched it, looks real enough, though the fact that they're planning a release date of april 1, 2009 kinda makes me wonder.

what do you guys think?
Legend of Zelda movie