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I started the fanime Shonen Jump Cosplay Group back in 2004. I'm glad to see that someone is taking over for BSaphire. Keep on jumping!

Its been a long time since I created the Fanime Shonen Jump Group. I will definitely be there for the last one! I will be wearing my classic luffy costume. :)

Thank you everyone who attended this year's Shonen Jump gathering! A lot of people showed up and there were a lot of creative costumes! I hope everyone enjoyed the gathering and had lots of fun at Fanime!


FANIME HAS STARTED! I'll see everyone at the gathering!

I'll be coming once again as Monkey D. Luffy! I'm gonna try and pick up some black shorts so I can come as Luffy as he appeared in the Enies Lobby Arc, MY FAVORITE ARC!

Its almost fanime time! Hope everyone's getting ready!

We have a good group of cosplayers going. Keep on posting everyone!

I'll be going as Bulma (motorcross ver)

Nice! I am a huge fan of the Dragon Ball series. I look forward to seeing how your costume turns out!

Looks like we have a couple more cosplayers! Very cool! Keep on posting guys.  8)

Bump! Hope everyone is doing well! Fanime is getting closer!

Happy St Patricks Day!   ;D

I am bumping this thread up! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Looks like we've got people cosplaying from a variety of different Jump series! Let's keep jumping!

All right! We've got our first couple of jump cosplayers! Let's keep em coming!

Hey everyone! Its a new year and a new time to start preparing for the 2014 Shonen Jump gathering at Fanime. If you or anyone you know is planning to come to Fanime dressed as a character from any one of the MANY series that make up the Shonen Jump universe, then make sure you stop on by! Please post the name of the character you will be cosplaying as and from what series they are from! Let's all have fun and make this another great year for the gathering!

Hey guys,

I'll also be coming to the gathering. This year I will be cosplaying as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, as he appears in the Thriller Bark story arch, wearing an orange vest and red shorts. Hope we have another great gathering this year.

Hey guys,

I thought this year's gathering went very well. Great work as always BSaphire! I especially enjoyed playing cosplay checkers! I hope everyone else had a fun time and will be back again next year!

As much as I'm looking forward to the gathering, I'm a little surprised that it looks as though I'll be the only one cosplaying as a character from One Piece. On the plus side, it looks like we'll have plenty of Naruto cosplayers.

I'll take ya as either one :P
I sure hope you are going to help with the Checkers :) *hint hint :P
I'll be glad to help out anyway I can. :) Also, I will now definitely be showing up to the gathering as Afro Luffy.

Hey BSaphire,

I plan on showing up the gathering once again. You can put me down as showing up as Afro Luffy from One Piece. I'm still working on getting my costume together but its looking good. If that doesn't work I'll show up in my regular Luffy costume.

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