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Things in the Universe / projected store closures [2009]
« on: November 20, 2008, 02:06:14 PM »
sorry i can't provide links, received the message on my work e-mail, which jacks up html. sweeet. if you really want the links to the articles in case you don't believe me or something (pfft, skeptics :P), then i'll provide a link GOOGLE IT, SON

Recent Store Closing Announcements:
* Circuit City to close by year's end - Circuit City – 155 stores to be closed nationwide  (a familiar store name, can't say i've ever shopped there though. lol.)

* Ann Taylor Stores To Close 117 Stores, Cut Staff

* Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherine’s closing 150 stores (this is surprising, i actually thought that they were doing well enough...)

* 60 Eddie Bauer stores to be closed

* Cache/La Cache closing shop – all stores closed

* Talbots, J. Jill, Sigrid Olsen closing all stores

* Gap Inc. closing 85 stores (woah)

* Foot Locker Closing 250 Stores (THIS i am psyched about. SHOEZ)

* Wickes Furniture is closing after filing bankruptcy

* Zales Closing More Jewelry Stores to Total 105 in 2008

* Piercing Pagoda closing all stores (stores... i guess they're a store...)

* Whitehall Jewelers to close

* Value City to close

*Disney to shutter 98 stores (wut?)
* Home Depot closing 15 stores

* Macy's to close 9 stores
* Linens 'n Things will close all 317 of its remaining stores in 48 states
* Lone Star Steakhouse to close 27 stores

* Movie Gallery closing 520 stores

* Pacific Sunwear to Close Remaining 154 Stores (huh? is this the same as pacsun?)

* Pep Boys to close stores, reduce staff

* Pier 1 Imports closing 25 more stores after shedding 79 stores in 2007

* Friedman's Jewelers closing 473 stores

* Dell Computers is closing 140 retail stores

* 84 Lumber closed 12 stores

*Rite Aid closing 28 stores
* Big Dollar closing 10 stores
* Sofa Express closed all 44 stores

* Sprint Nextel to cut 4000 jobs, close 125 stores

* $5.6 million tax lien filed against Ethan Allen

* Wilsons Leather to close 160 mall stores, cut 1000 jobs ...

* Sharper Image Closing All Stores (shame, they had interesting little gadgets)

* KB Toys to close 375 stores, cut 3500 jobs (oh, my childhood. too bad i never got toys when i was a kid xD)
* Dillard’s will close more stores in 2009

* CompUSA Shutting Down All Stores
* CostPlus World Market closing 18 stores

* Lillian Vernon files for bankruptcy, goes out of business

* Mervyns to close remaining 149 stores (i know this hit home gaiz.)

* Mikasa brand for sale; all 86 factory outlet stores to close

* Rent-A-Center Closing 280 Stores Nationwide

* Shoe Pavilion closing all 64 store locations

* Starbucks to Close 600 Stores (and still have 1289812372987328193 left over)
* Steve & Barry’s Out of Business / Liquidated

* Trans World liquidates 138 stores (Sam Goody, Suncoast Motion Picture Company, Wherehouse Music, f.y.e.)
* Discovery Channel Stores closing its 103-store Discovery Channel chain (oh, sad)
* Entertainment Solutions, a retailer of high-end electronics, to shutter stores
* Sears to close a 19 stores, including 8 Kmarts, 2 Sears mall stores, 1 Sears Grand, 1 Sears Essentials and the remaining 7 Great Indoors stores (and you thought kmart was already extinct)

Source: USA Today

Gaming / "the new xbox experience"
« on: November 20, 2008, 07:50:16 AM »

i'm apathetic towards it right now, but the layout does kinda make me lol. a bunch of people have already downloaded the upgrade and made characters of themselves; it's kinda weird that they'd have more girl styles than guys though, considering what the ratio of males on females on x-box... oh well. wo0t

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / fanime'ers from...the military?
« on: October 29, 2008, 10:03:33 AM »
HAHA I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE. >P reveal yourselves!

i know i'm not alone... >_>

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