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Video Programming / Re: Absence of video programming
February 04, 2023, 12:28:34 AM
It does suck but it does make sense. Free and open to all with or without badge not making money off viewings but by simply requiring a badge meaning form of payment was accepted to view the content which publishers of said content would not be happy with. The FMV's were my main focus of the show and now gotta hope it will return next year.
Just curious if the entries will be posted here before the showing on Saturday?
I'm just behind that pillar in your picture  :)

This was a good year and the ones that won were outstanding. Hypes me more to enter again for next year. Also to help here are YT links to the winners videos.

MrNosec - Numinous

Nekokitkat - Colors

Maboroshi Studio - Yuri on Ice: The Honest Trailer

Celia Phantomhive - Mahoupocalypse

King Redeem - One Horn Man

Thanks again and see you next year!!
Are you currently short on entries for certain categories? I already submitted for Action but I think I can knock another one out.
Quote from: Gaki on June 05, 2016, 02:03:42 AM
Thanks for the links Animator22. Updated the list on my post, but the one you put up for Everyday Wolves seems to be sending me to a Cowboy Bebop vid instead.

Oh you know what that was my bad. I remember seeing that Cowboy Bebop/Trigun crossover but I thought it was during the show but it was actually one of the top 100 AMVs that was playing in one of the rooms on Friday.

My apologies, i got that one mixed up. Now I remember that was the Wolf Children Whirlpool trailer. Some reason the title made me think of the crossover  :P.   

Hi Gaki,

I found the other Pre-Show videos. Added the YouTube links below if you like to update your previous post. Thanks again for the Playlist! Love to help you guys out next year if I can. Looking forward to next years entries!


Digital Champions - Gabbi -
Everyday Wolves - Tigris -
How to be a Human - Animator22
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - SoLongDreamWorld -
Standing on the Edge - SeanPNG -
My Shot - Shodankid
Fantastic! Thanks a bunch for the info and good to know theres an encore as well. Will keep an eye out on the schedules at the show.

Looking forward to it!

Just checking to see if there's any information about the event after the submission process. I haven't seen any info after I received the submission received email so just want to be sure the event is still on.

Thank you!!
I'm one of those procrastinators  :P but on the last few detail edits.

My main question is, its mentioned your video may be placed in a different category. I feel my video fits at least 3 of the categories so I'm not sure what to select. Will the team determine the actual category my video will fit best in?

Thanks! Really looking forward to this year.